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Sep 27, 2016

Grace Chan(陳凱琳) Upsets About Netizens Criticizing Her Acting: I Sacrificed So Much For My Roles

Actress Grace Chan(陳凱琳) was at TVB city filming for upcoming drama series "Revival of Martial Arts(翻生武林)". Grace revealed filming will be done in a few days and and then she will go a short vacation with her boyfriend Kevin Cheng(鄭嘉穎), she said: "I still have to go to Singapore and Malaysia for work after filming is done. So it will be awhile before I can take my vacation."

Ada Choi(蔡少芬) Set To Return To TVB To Film The Third Installment Of The 'Cousin(老表)' Series

The reputation and ratings for TVB's "Cousin(老表)" series have always been highly rated. The quirkiness of the stars and the supporting cast mesmerized the viewers with their unconventional humors. In the drama series "Come On, Cousin(老表,你好hea!)", Ram Tseung(蔣志光) took home the best supporting actor award and Louis Cheung(張繼聰) also won the most improved actor award. Even though Ivana Wong(王菀之), May Chan(陳嘉佳), and Bob Lam(林盛斌) didn't win anything, they were praised for their excellent work. It goes without saying how much people appreciate this series.

Sep 26, 2016

Ruby Lin(林心如) Has A Sweet Tooth After Getting Pregnant, Netizens Think She's Having A Boy

The 40 years old Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin(林心如) married fellow actor Wallace Huo(霍建華) in Bali earlier in July this year. During a public event on September 7th, Ruby admitted she's pregnant but she didn't know the gender of the baby at the time.

Xenia Chong(莊端兒) Set To Have Emergency Gallbladder Surgery Due To Cholecystitis

Actress Xenia Chong(莊端兒) recently held a press conference to announce she has ended her contract with her managing agent Marie Zhuge(諸葛紫岐) after she was being asked to do things she didn't want to do. At the same time, it is said Xenia has been hospitalized with cholecystitis. Earlier today, Xenia confirmed the matter on her Instagram account saying she will have an emergency surgery this afternoon: "I want to thank everyone for worrying about my health. I always thought my stomachache was from stress. After the recent controversies, I finally couldn't hold the pain any longer and went to seek medical attention. The doctor found out I have cholecystitis and gallbladder stones. I am going to have an emergency removal surgery this afternoon."

Sep 25, 2016

Pregnant Uny Chiu(趙哲妤) Changes Tune About Asking Mystery Ex-Boyfriend To Take Responsibility

The currently 29 years old former Miss China Pageant winner Uny Chiu(趙哲妤) surprisingly appeared at an event with a pregnant belly. When reporters asked her if she's pregnant, she cried admitting she's single and about six months along! When questioned if she already broke up with her boyfriend, Uny wept as she explains her situation: "I don't know! I am single right now. I never thought about asking someone to take responsibility!"

Jess Sum(沈卓盈) Showcases Her Flawless Physique in Strappy Pink Bikini

TVB actress Jess Sum(沈卓盈) was able to make the most of the warm weather by taking to the high seas on a yacht. Showing off every inch of her toned frame, the starlet looked super slim as she exposed her slender legs and flat stomach.

6-Month Pregnant Uny Chiu(趙哲妤) Cries Admitting She's Currently Single

Former Miss China Pageant winner Uny Chiu(趙哲妤) attended an event at Tsim Sha Tsui wearing a tight fitting dress. When reporters asked if Uny is pregnant, she replied: "Do I look like I am pregnant. I don't even know what to say. I am about six months along. I am having a checkup every month. I will talk more at a better time."

Fala Chen(陳法拉) Recalls Her Mother's Breast Cancer Scare Story, Implores Women To Have Self-Exam

Actress Fala Chen(陳法拉) was invited to be the "Pink Ambassador" for the 3rd straight year to help raise awareness for breast cancer prevention and to share her mother's breast cancer scare story.

Moon Lau(劉佩玥) Calls Philip Ng(伍允龍) Brave For Admitting He Used To Date Linda Chung(鍾嘉欣)

Actress Moon Lau(劉佩玥) appeared at TVB city to do a live recording for the charity program "Yan Oi Tong 2016(善心滿載仁愛堂)". When mentioned her rumored boyfriend Philip Ng(伍允龍) admitted he used to be in a relationship with Linda Chung(鍾嘉欣) in the past during a radio interview, she said: "One has become someone else's wife. Another one talked about the matter in an open manner. I think that was very brave of him."

Sep 24, 2016

Miss Hong Kong 2009 2nd Runner Up Germaine Li(李姿敏) To Marry 52 Years Old Horse Trainer

The currently 28 years old Miss Hong Kong 2009 2nd Runner Up Germaine Li(李姿敏) is revealed to be getting married soon. According to sources, Germaine is engaged to her 52 years old Australian horse trainer boyfriend David Hall and they are planning to tie the knot next year.

Philip Ng(伍允龍) Praises Moon Lau(劉佩玥), Admits He Was In A Relationship With Linda Chung(鍾嘉欣)

Actor Philip Ng(伍允龍) accepted an interview from Terry Leung(梁泰來), a radio personality from Commercial Radio Hong Kong. Philip's popularity has been on the rise after appearing in the popular drama series "A Fist Within Four Walls(城寨英雄)" and he opened up to the radio host about his last 14 years in the entertainment industry.

Grace Wong(王君馨) Falls Sick, Prepares Own Chinese Herbal Decoction

Actress Grace Wong(王君馨) has been working in the entertainment industry for 9 years and her popularity is finally resonating in the mainstream media discourse after her superb performance in the drama series "A Fist Within Four Walls(城寨英雄)". However, with popularity comes a lack of peace. Grace revealed she suffers from a strained back earlier. With her recent hectic schedule, Grace has also gotten sick!

Sep 22, 2016

Xenia Chong(莊端兒) Admits She Was Married Before: The Marriage Lasted A Very Short Time

Xenia Chong(莊端兒) originally held a press conference at Tsim Sha Tsui to respond to her breakup with ex-boyfriend Steven Cheung(張致恆). During the course of the press conference, Xenia suddenly revealed she already requested a contract termination from her managing agency after the owner Marie Zhuge(諸葛紫岐) tried to force her to do things she didn't want to do numerous times.

Corinna Chamberlain(陳明恩) Releases MV For New Song 'JUST ME featuring Masta MIC'

Actress and singer Corinna Chamberlain(陳明恩) may have a look of a foreigner but she was actually born and raised in Hong Kong and can speak Cantonese better than most people. Corinna just released the MV of her new song "JUST ME" in recent days. In the MV, she showed off her tongue-twisting skills and dance moves. She also invited good friend Grace Wong(王君馨) to cameo in the MV.

Huang Xiaoming(黃曉明) Drops Hints That Angelababy(楊穎) Is Pregnant?

Angelababy(楊穎) recently sparked pregnancy rumor after appearing at an event function with a small belly bump. Husband Huang Xiaoming(黃曉明) attended a press conference for a new movie earlier today and he immediately became the focus of the media attention. According to sources at the scene, he didn't deny the pregnancy rumor of Angelababy. Huang Xiaoming also stated he will make a great father in the future, he said: "The only thing I am worrying about is I may spoil my kid. But I've decided I will become a strict father."

Ali Lee(李佳芯) Takes Her Parents Out To Eat Thai Cuisine For Lunch

Up-and-coming popular TVB actress Ali Lee(李佳芯) has fast-tracked her way to playing female lead after her stellar performances in portraying "scandalous mistress" roles in numerous drama series. Ali lives at a public housing estate in Chai Wan with her parents and she's known to be frugal. With her career taking off, Ali recently bought a new car to reward herself.

Annie Liu(劉心悠) To Film First Period Drama Series With TVB: Cantonese Will Be My Biggest Challenge

Annie Liu(劉心悠) - 深宮計 TVB

Actress Annie Liu(劉心悠) attended the official TVB calendar photo session at TVB city. She appeared wearing an imperial court costume from her upcoming drama series "Game of Imperial Palace(深宮計)". Annie stated her Tang dynasty princess look took her more than 3 hours to prepare, she said: "This is my first time wearing an imperial court costume in Hong Kong. I feel like I am getting married, haha."

Sep 20, 2016

Jason Chan(陳智燊) Marries Sarah Song(宋熙年) In England

The 38-year-old actor Jason Chan(陳智燊) was revealed to have married his girlfriend of seven years, 31-year-old Sarah Song(宋熙年) in England on September 19th, 2016. The newly-wedded couple's response to the media was: "We are married! We are so happy that we are getting a lot of love from our family and friends during this trip. Thank you for everyone's well-wishes. We will share all the details when we return from our honeymoon!"

Fala Chen(陳法拉) Performs A Moving Rendition of Faye Wong(王菲)'s 'Cold War(冷戰)'

Actress Fala Chen(陳法拉) uploaded a short clip onto her Facebook page. In the video, Fala is seen singing Faye Wong(王菲)'s "Cold War(冷戰)" with a piano accompaniment from her friend.

Sep 19, 2016

Steven Cheung(張致恒) Cries Admitting He Cheated On His Girlfriend Xenia Chong(莊端兒)

The 31 years old actor Steven Cheung(張致恒) was revealed by paparazzi to have cheated on his 35E girlfriend Xenia Chong(莊端兒) with a Taiwanese girl named Doris. Steven was seen at TVB city last night doing recording for the show "Am I Healthy?(你健康嗎)". Facing the media's questions about the infidelity, Steven admitted he was at fault and publicly apologized to his girlfriend Xenia.