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May 21, 2018

Deep In The Realm Of Conscience(宮心計2深宮計) Overview And Promotional Stills

Deep In The Realm Of Conscience(宮心計2深宮計) is a TVB period imperial drama series produced by Mui Siu Ching(梅小青) and Ben Fong(方俊華) starring Nancy Wu(胡定欣), Annie Liu(劉心悠), Steven Ma(馬浚偉), Kenneth Ma(馬國明), Edwin Siu(蕭正楠), along with Alice Chan(陳煒), Chrissie Chau(周秀娜), Jacqueline Wong(黃心穎), Susan Tse(謝雪心), Candy Lo(羅霖), Akina Hong(康華), and Pinky Cheung(張文慈). This drama series is a collaboration between TVB and Tencent Penguin Pictures(企鵝影業).

May 14, 2018

Flying Tiger(飛虎之潛行極戰) Overview And Promotional Stills

Flying Tiger(飛虎之潛行極戰) TVB 2018

Flying Tiger(飛虎之潛行極戰) is a TVB modern-day police drama series produced by Raymond Lee(李惠民) and Virginia Lok(樂易玲) starring Michael Miu(苗僑偉), Bosco Wong(黃宗澤), Ron Ng(吳卓羲), Eddie Cheung(張兆輝), Michael Wong(王敏德), along with Hugo Ng(吳岱融), Venus Wong(王敏奕), Mandy Wong(黃智雯), Grace Chan(陳凱琳), Oscar Leung(梁烈唯), Samantha Ko(高海寧), Christine Ng(伍詠薇), Mimi Kung(龔慈恩), Joel Chan(陳山聰), Hugo Wong(黃子恆), Michelle Saram(鄭雪兒), and Jeana Ho(何佩瑜). This drama series is a collaboration between YOUKU(优酷) and Shaw Brothers Pictures International Limited(邵氏兄弟國際影業有限公司).

Apr 16, 2018

Stealing Seconds(棟仁的時光) Overview And Promotional Stills

Stealing Seconds(棟仁的時光)TVB 2018

Stealing Seconds(棟仁的時光) is a TVB modern-day romance comedy-drama series produced by Yip Chun Fei(葉鎮輝) starring Benjamin Yuen(袁偉豪), Natalie Tong(唐詩詠), along with Rebecca Zhu(朱晨麗), Hubert Wu(胡鴻鈞), Stephen Wong (黃長興), Joe Tay(鄭敬基), Winki Lai(賴慰玲), Arnold Kwok(郭子豪), KK Cheung(張國強), Jazz Lam(林子善), and Candice Chiu(趙希洛).

Apr 2, 2018

Daddy Cool(逆緣) Overview And Promotional Stills

Daddy Cool(逆緣) TVB 2018

Daddy Cool(逆緣) is a TVB modern-day suspense thriller drama series produced by Amy Wong(王心慰) starring Wayne Lai(黎耀祥), Carlos Chan(陳家樂), David Chiang(姜大衞), Rosina Lin(林夏薇), Joel Chan(陳山聰), Patricia Ha(夏文汐), along with Lai Lok Yi(黎諾懿), Elvina Kong(江欣燕), and Kandy Wong(黃山怡).

Mar 5, 2018

Apple-Colada(果欄中的江湖大嫂) Overview And Promotional Stills

Apple-Colada(果欄中的江湖大嫂) TVB 2018

Apple-Colada(果欄中的江湖大嫂) is a TVB modern-day moral comedy-drama series produced by Leung Choi Yuen(梁材遠) starring Alice Chan(陳煒), Raymond Wong(黃浩然), Eliza Sam(岑麗香), Matt Yeung(楊明), Tommy Wong(黃光亮), along with Crystal Fung(馮盈盈), Kaman Kong(江嘉敏), and Andrew Yuen(袁文傑).

Birth of A Hero(翻生武林) Overview And Promotional Stills

Birth of A Hero(翻生武林) TVB 2018

Birth of A Hero(翻生武林) is a TVB period martial arts comedy-drama series produced by Au Yiu Hing(歐耀興) starring Edwin Siu(蕭正楠), Ben Wong(黃智賢), Grace Chan(陳凱琳), John Chiang(姜大衛), along with Roxanne Tong(湯洛雯), Rachel Kan(簡慕華), and Tyson Chak(泰臣).

Feb 18, 2018

Threesome(三個女人一個「因」) Overview And Promotional Stills

Threesome(三個女人一個「因」) TVB 2018

Threesome(三個女人一個「因」) is a TVB modern-day romance-drama series produced by Poon Ka Tak(潘嘉德) starring Mandy Wong(黃智雯), Benjamin Yuen(袁偉豪), Jason Chan(陳智燊), Arnold Kwok(郭子豪), along with Snow Suen(孫慧雪), Joseph Lee(李國麟), and Gigi Wong(黃淑儀).

Feb 13, 2018

Christine Kuo(苟芸慧) Announces Marriage: 'We're Moving on to the Next Stage of Our Lives Together'

The 34 years old TVB actress Christine Kuo(苟芸慧) started dating her affluent boyfriend William Lok(陸漢洋) back in 2016. It is said the two already referred each other as soulmates months into the relationship. Although there were various rumors of them trying to tie the knot soon, they didn't have a concrete date on when the wedding will be.

Feb 12, 2018

Watch Out Boss(波士早晨) Overview And Promotional Stills

Watch Out Boss(波士早晨) TVB 2018

Watch Out Boss(波士早晨) is a TVB modern-day comedy-drama series produced by Kwan Wing Chung(關永忠) starring Ben Wong(黃智賢), Flora Chan(陳慧珊), Ali Lee(李佳芯), Tony Hung(洪永城), along with Waise Lee(李子雄), Steven Cheung(張致恆), Amy Fan(樊奕敏), and Jessica Kan(簡淑兒).

Jan 24, 2018

Jacqueline Wong(黃心穎) Celebrates 29th Birthday With Kenneth Ma(馬國明)

Jacqueline Wong(黃心穎) Celebrates 29th Birthday With Kenneth Ma(馬國明) TVB 2018

Actor Kenneth Ma(馬國明) has always kept a low-profile on his dating life. However, he has been more open about answering questions about his relationship status ever since he was seen dating Jacqueline Wong(黃心穎) on multiple occasions. In recent days, Kenneth won the "Most Popular Male Character(最受歡迎電視男角色)" award for his superb performance in the drama series "The Exorcist's Meter(降魔的)". Although Kenneth didn't publicly thank Jacqueline, he took a detour to shake Jacqueline's hand before accepting the award. During Kenneth's award speech, quite a few of his friends told him to get married soon, but he said it won't be this soon.

Jan 22, 2018

Infernal Affairs(無間道) Overview And Promotional Stills

Infernal Affairs(無間道) TVB 2018

Infernal Affairs(無間道) is a Chinese-Hong Kong crime-thriller web series, a collaboration between iQiyi(愛奇藝) and Media Asia Entertainment Group(寰亞傳媒). The drama series is produced by Tommy Leung(梁家樹) starring Gallen Lo(羅嘉良), Him Law(羅仲謙), Wayne Wang(王陽), along with Cecilia So(蘇麗珊), Jolie Zhu(朱銳), Bernice Liu(廖碧兒), Toby Leung(梁靖琪), Philip Keung(姜皓文), Damian Lau(劉松仁) and special guest appearances by Eric Tsang(曾志偉), Yuen Pi(元彪), Richie Jen(任賢齊), Edmond Leung(梁漢文), and Shek Sau(石修).

Jan 15, 2018

The Forgotten Valley(平安谷之詭谷傳說) Overview And Promotional Stills

The Forgotten Valley(平安谷之詭谷傳說) TVB 2018

The Forgotten Valley(平安谷之詭谷傳說) is a TVB period moral suspense drama series produced by Andy Chan(陳耀全) starring Raymond Wong(黃浩然), Louisa So(蘇玉華), Grace Chan(陳凱琳), along with Lau Kong(劉江), Rebecca Zhu(朱晨麗), Katy Kung(龔嘉欣), Louis Yuen(阮兆祥),  and Willie Hung(韋家雄).

Dec 10, 2017

Come With Me(性在有情) Overview And Promotional Stills

Come With Me(性在有情) TVB 2017

Come With Me(性在有情) is a TVB modern day heart-warming moral drama series produced by Jazz Boon(文偉鴻) starring Eddie Cheung(張兆輝), Sharon Chan(陳敏之), Elena Kong(江美儀), Louis Yuen(阮兆祥), Benz Hui(許紹雄), along with Sammy Sum(沈震軒), Siu Bo(小寶), and Grace Wong(王君馨).

Nov 27, 2017

Heart of Greed 3(溏心風暴3) Overview And Promotional Stills

Heart of Greed 3(溏心風暴3) TVB 2017

Heart of Greed 3(溏心風暴3) is a TVB modern day moral drama series produced by Lau Ka Ho(劉家豪) starring Louise Lee(李司棋), Ha Yu(夏雨), Michelle Yim(米雪), Susanna Kwan(關菊英), Bosco Wong(黃宗澤), Vincent Wong(王浩信), Eliza Sam(岑麗香), Priscilla Wong(黃翠如), Sharon Chan(陳敏之), along with Louis Yuen(阮兆祥), Joseph Lee(李國麟), Ram Tseung(蔣志光), Michael Tong(唐文龍), and Jason Chan(陳智燊). The drama focuses heavily on the feud between two families over the estate of their multi-million dollar "Cha Chaan Teng(茶餐廳)" chain restaurant and investment business.

Nov 6, 2017

My Ages Apart(誇世代) Overview And Promotional Stills

My Ages Apart(誇世代) TVB 2017

My Ages Apart(誇世代) is a TVB time-travel, business, action, comedy-drama series produced by Joe Chan(陳維冠) starring Bobby Au-Yeung(歐陽震華), Moses Chan(陳豪), Louis Cheung(張繼聰), Kristal Tin(田蕊妮), Ali Lee(李佳芯), Maggie Shiu(邵美琪), along with Benz Hui(許紹雄), Eddie Kwan(關禮傑), Sammy Leung(森美), Elena Kong(江美儀), Katy Kung(龔嘉欣), David Chiang(姜大衛), and James Ng(吳業坤). It is said the production cost for this 50 episodes anniversary drama series was over $50 million HKD.

Oct 30, 2017

The Exorcist's Meter(降魔的) Overview And Promotional Stills

The Exorcist's Meter(降魔的) TVB 2017

The Exorcist's Meter(降魔的) is a TVB modern-day fantasy comedy-drama series produced by Dave Fong(方駿釗) starring Kenneth Ma(馬國明), Mandy Wong(黃智雯), Hubert Wu(胡鴻鈞), along with Moon Lau(劉佩玥), Hugo Wong(黃子恆), Ram Tseung(蔣志光), Susan Tse(謝雪心), and Willie Hung(韋家雄).

Sep 25, 2017

Oh My Grad(老表,畢業喇!) Overview And Promotional Stills

Oh My Grad(老表,畢業喇!) TVB 2017

Oh My Grad(老表,畢業喇!) is a TVB modern-day comedy-drama series produced by Wong Wai Sing(黃偉聲) starring Roger Kwok(郭晉安), Ada Choi(蔡少芬), Wong Cho Lam(王祖藍), along with Babyjohn Choi(蔡瀚億), Mag Lam(林欣彤), Joyce Cheng(鄭欣宜), Law Lan(羅蘭), Bowie Wu(胡楓), Eliza Sam(岑麗香), Bob Lam(林盛斌), Koni Lui(呂慧儀), Louis Cheung(張繼聰), Angela Tong(湯盈盈), and Ram Tseung(蔣志光).

Sep 24, 2017

Nothing Special Force(雜警奇兵) Overview And Promotional Stills

Nothing Special Force(雜警奇兵) TVB 2017

Nothing Special Force(雜警奇兵) is a TVB modern-day police comedy-drama series produced by Ng Koon Yu(吳冠宇) starring Ben Wong(黃智賢), Mandy Wong(黃智雯), along with Jacqueline Wong(黃心穎), C Kwan(C君), Joseph Lee(李國麟), Geoffrey Wong(黃子雄), Amy Fan(樊奕敏), and Arnold Kwok(郭子豪).

Sep 18, 2017

Line Walker: The Prelude(使徒行者2) Overview And Promotional Stills

Line Walker: The Prelude(使徒行者2) TVB 2017

Line Walker: The Prelude(使徒行者2) is a TVB modern-day crime thriller drama series produced by So Man Chung(蘇萬聰) starring Michael Miu(苗僑偉), Moses Chan(陳豪), Jessica Hsuan(宣萱), Benjamin Yuen(袁偉豪), Pakho Chau(周柏豪), Priscilla Wong(黃翠如), along with Benz Hui(許紹雄), Louisa Mak(麥明詩), Alice Chan(陳煒), Nathan Ngai(魏焌皓), with special appearances by Eddie Cheung(張兆輝), Kenny Wong(黃德斌), Tony Hung(洪永城), Shiga Lin(連詩雅).

Aug 30, 2017

The Tofu War(燦爛的外母) Overview And Promotional Stills

The Tofu War(燦爛的外母) TVB 2017

The Tofu War(燦爛的外母) is a TVB modern day comedy drama series produced by Au Yiu Hing(歐耀興) starring Nancy Sit(薛家燕), Lai Lok Yi(黎諾懿), Dominic Lam(林嘉華), Roxanne Tong(湯洛雯), Elaine Yiu(姚子羚), along with Jonathan Cheung(張頴康), and Griselda Yeung(楊卓娜). It is a show that focuses heavily on in-law relationships.