Jan 4, 2015

Ada Choi(蔡少芬) Declined Another TVB Drama; Nancy Wu(胡定欣) Promoted To Lead Role

Heavily promoted 2015 TVB drama, "Short End Of The Stick(公公出宮)" (provisional title), was originally publicized to have Ada Choi(蔡少芬) as the lead actress in the drama. Since the drama "Beauty at War III(金枝欲孽贰)" in 2012, she has not been filming for any TVB dramas. News sources indicated that Ada has continuously rejected new drama offers after she declined to act in "Ghost of Relativity(鬼同你OT)". Even though Ada claims she feels regretful for not being able to collaborate with TVB Kings Moses Chan(陳豪) and Wayne Lai(黎耀祥) in both dramas. She reiterates that she has a good relationship with TVB.

With the rising popularity from Mainland China drama "Empress In The Palace(甄嬛傳)", the value of Ada Ada's pay raise has increased dramatically. In recent years, many high quality Mainland China dramas have invited Ada to join. Highly anticipated mainland drama "The Legend of Miyue(羋月傳)", which began filming at the end of last year. Even though Ada was invited to be the lead actress for the drama, she had to reject the golden opportunity due to her prior commitment to film with Moses Chan(陳豪). Ultimately, Ada was unable to accept the role due to her religious difference with the ghost related theme in the TVB drama "Ghost of Relativity(鬼同你OT)".

Original sources revealed that TVB wanted Ada to film this year's heavily promoted drama with three-times TVB King Wayne Lai(黎耀祥) and recently returned veteran actor John Jiang(姜大衛). After Ada officially rejected the offer, time was wasted on searching for Ada's replacement and to modify the script. The supporting cast for the drama claimed the filming date was postponed numerous times from the original date of December to early January and finally to the end of February. Additional, with the delay wrap up of the drama "Captain of Destiny(張保仔)", which it has already taken up an extra month of time for special effects, "Short End Of The Stick(公公出宮)"s filming date will be pushed back to around Lunar New Year.

Unforeseen Circumstances 
Regarding declining two consecutive dramas from TVB, Ada didn't hesitate to admit to that fact. "I've already committed to film with Ah Mo "Moses Chan(陳豪)" but they suddenly changed the theme of the drama to a ghost story," says Ada. "So regrettably, I have no choice but to decline. Later on, TVB asked me to film "Short End Of The Stick(公公出宮)". I accepted the role and everything was ready to go but they kept postponing the filming date. After asking my agent repeatedly to push back my other commitments, I have no choice but to drop out of this drama too. I have never really worked with Cheung Jai "Wayne Lai(黎耀祥)" so of course I feel a little sad."

TVB's filming date for the new drama keeps pushing back and it is said Ada lost the opportunity on filming "The Legend of Miyue(羋月傳)" and two other mainland dramas, thus making her lose out on millions of dollars. "What? Millions of dollars? You can really say it like that," says Ada. "I only make money when I actually take part in filming so you can't really count them as losses.  I understand what I want and I chose TVB's drama. Sure, the fact is I declined the dramas but they were all due to unforeseen circumstances. I love working for TVB and working is all about being happy.

Nancy Wu(胡定欣) Promoted To Lead Role
"Short End Of The Stick(公公出宮)"'s producer, Marco Law(羅永賢) says Ada couldn't take part in filming the drama was all due to scheduling conflict and that they have a good relationship with each other. "Due to production arrangements, we will be a little bit behind on filming," says Law. "We are looking at middle of February to begin filming the drama. Plus, we will be heading to Mainland China around May for part of the story. So there's no way Ada Ada(蔡少芬) will be able to take part in the drama. The five Eunuchs in the story were supposed to be Wayne Lai(黎耀祥), Raymond Cho(曹永廉), Power Chan(陳國邦), Edwin Siu(蕭正楠) and Raymond Wong(黃浩然). Besides Ada, we have to let go of Raymond Wong(黃浩然) too because he has another drama ready to film in April. Regarding who will take the lead actress role, we will be promoting Nancy Wu(胡定欣) to the lead role. I think she has earned it, she's been improving tremendously in recent years and the audience loves her. TVB are always giving opportunities to talented and hardworking artists."

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