Jan 7, 2015

Alan Tam(譚詠麟)'s Wife Sally Yeung(楊潔薇) Plans to Become a Nun

After the passing of his father Tam Kong-Pak(譚江柏) in 2006, Alan Tam(譚詠麟) wanted to fulfill his father's dying wish by agreeing to talk about his personal life through an interview with Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK). Besides being married to his wife Sally Yeung Kit Mei(楊潔薇), Alan admitted to having a son named Tam Hiu Fung(譚曉風) with mistress Wendy Chu Wing Ting(朱穎婷).

There are rumors that Alan's wife Sally has always been dissatisfied with mistress Wendy. After arguing with Alan numerous times about his extra-marital affair, she decided to move out of their house and live in Chi Lin Nunnery to practice Dharma. Even though she no longer lives at home, she still has control over Alan Tam's 10 Billion assets. Since practicing Dharma for years, Sally has finally decided to give up her rights and power to become a nun. Living quietly in the shadow for the past 20 years, Wendy finally has the chance to become Mrs. Tam and to have control over Alan Tam's billion dollar assets.

Sally has always stood by Alan Tam's side even before he became famous. After his popularity rose, Sally knew how to invest the extra cash and Alan Tam's asset increased drastically. Unfortunately, Sally never had a child with Alan which ultimately led to Alan having a son with mistress Wendy.

Married for 30 years, Alan and Sally never had a child together. Instead, mistress Wendy gave birth to Alan's only son Tam Hiu Fung. After scoring highly in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination, Alan sent Hiu Fung to Britain to further his study. In 2013, he applied to Oxford University with his excellent scores. Besides being tall and handsome, Hiu Fung also inherited Alan Tam's musical talent such as playing the piano, guitar and drums. In fact, Universal Music Group contacted Alan Tam to sign Hiu Fung as a singer. Unfortunately, Alan refused the offer.


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