Jan 12, 2015

Lin Chi-ling(林志玲) Cries Uncontrollably After Revealing Husband Criteria

As a seasoned model, the 40 years old Lin Chi-ling(林志玲) is usually graceful and collected in public. She also often open-mindedly talked about her empty love life and desired for marriage. Recently, she attended a variety show in Mainland China and discussed about the topics on love and marriage. While she was revealing her checklist for future husband criteria, she cried uncontrollably.

In the show, Chi-ling talked about accompanying her parents to the hospital for a visit and thought about her current situation, "I am not sure I will have someone by my side when I get sick in the future." As she was thinking about growing old and lonely, she cried uncontrollably and said: "I hope someone will like the silly and the innocent Chi-ling. All I want is someone who will stay by my side even when I am old an ugly." She also expressed she won't rush into marriage just for the sake of getting married.

Since turning 40, being asked to get married wasn't news to Chi-ling anymore. She said her mom is extremely worried about her and often said, "You need to think about your age if you want kids!" In regards to potential suitors, she revealed common attributes such as being romantic, likes to laugh, his skin has to be not too pale, and his height has to be over 168cm.  She doesn't have too much demands. She just wants her other half to be funny, talkative, and taller than her.

In addition, she also talked about her "horse accident" back in 2005. At that time, the ones that hurt her the most weren't from comments from strangers but from the coldness of those that were near her. She didn't point fingers on specific person but only said "Gossip is a fearful thing".

Lin Chi-ling(林志玲) Cries Uncontrollably After Revealing Husband Criteria

Chi-ling Lin(林志玲) Cries Uncontrollably After Revealing Husband Criteria On Talkshow


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