Jan 19, 2015

Fred Cheng(鄭俊弘) Denies Dating Jinny Ng(吳若希)

Award winning singer Fred Cheng(鄭俊弘) attended an event yesterday and he was asked about his recent gossip rumors with fellow singer Jinny Ng(吳若希). He denied the rumors as usual and stressed she's only a good colleague.

When mentioned his other rumored girlfriend Sisley Choi(蔡思貝) didn't believe he's dating Jinny, he said with a smile: "Many people didn't believe them too. They were all laughing over the rumors. (So none of the rumors were true?) They were all false." Then he was asked if he's not satisfied with Jinny? He nervously said: "No, not at all. I am just very busy with work because my career is beginning to take off. I think we all want to focus on work and I treat her as a brother. (Would you use the rumor to make money as an onscreen couple?) If the company made the arrangements, I wouldn't mind because we are both very good friends."

Fred Cheng(鄭俊弘) Denies Dating Jinny Ng(吳若希)


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  1. That's right Fred. There's no way you are dating that bitch Jinny.