Jan 16, 2015

G.E.M.(鄧紫棋) Makes Fans Return Space Bands After Concert

After taking part in a singing competition in Mainland China, G.E.M.'s popularity exploded along with her attitude. Acting like an international superstar, she made it very difficult for the Hong Kong media to interview her. Last night, G.E.M. held the first of five shows at the Hong Kong Coliseum but only allowed the digital media to interview her. She also only sang 6 Cantonese songs during the entire show.

For fans who purchased the $1880 and $898 HKD concert tickets, they were supposed to receive the space bands (Value at 250HKD) for free. Unfortunately, fans who purchased the $898 HKD had to return the space bands at the end of the concert so that they can be reused at the next show.

After the show, G.E.M. only accepted a 10-minute interview with the digital media. When asked if she is concerned about the collision with the media, G.E.M. commented that she will not purposely try to please the Hong Kong media. With all the negative rumors surrounding G.E.M., she posted a comment through her blog. She wrote, “Besides creating music for my fans, I don't care about anything else.”

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