Jan 17, 2015

Kary Ng(吳雨霏) To Get Married To Boyfriend Brain Hung(洪立熙)

The 28 years old Hong Kong singer-songwriter Kary Ng(吳雨霏) already dropped hints she may get married soon and now her wish has come true. It is reported that she will get married to her on-and-off boyfriend and first love Brain Hung(洪立熙). The two lovebirds already flew to America with their parents to have their engagement ceremony. The wedding is scheduled to be held this coming August.

Even thought Kary hasn't turned 30 yet but she already showed signs she wanted to get married. She dropped hints that she may get married anytime and expressed her body and mind were ready to become a good wife. Since her breakup with Shawn Yue(余文樂), Kary was able to rekindle the relationship with her former boyfriend Brain Hung(洪立熙) of 8 years. It is said the two are ready to start a new life together and Kary's future mother-in-law was so happy that she already announced the good news to family and friends. In comparison to Kary's former band mates Miki Yeung(楊愛瑾), Stephy Tang(鄧麗欣), Angela Au(區文詩) from the band Cookies, the currently 28 years old Kary will get married first.

Kary's record company Universal Music Group already announced their artists won't be attending "CRHK Chik Chak Ultimate Song Chart Awards Ceremony(叱咤樂壇流行榜頒獎典禮)", so she asked the company for 2 weeks of vacation time. A few days ago, Kary went on a trip with his boyfriend and their parents to Europe and announced her trip on her Weibo account. It is said they have already flew to America from Italy to have their engagement ceremony in the coming days.

Besides getting engaged and married, it is reported that Kary already signed a ten millions contract extension with Universal Music Group and will have a celebration ceremony next month after her engagement trip. The record company said: "We will let her announce the good news."

Kary Ng(吳雨霏) To Get Married To Boyfriend Brain Hung(洪立熙)


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