Jan 11, 2015

Kevin Cheng(鄭嘉穎) Kisses Mysterious Woman at Night Club

Recently, there were multiple rumors about the 45 years old Kevin Cheng(鄭嘉穎)'s love life. From rekindling with ex-girlfriend Charmaine Sheh(佘詩曼) to flying to Shanghai to visit his supposed girlfriend, Kevin denied all the alleged rumors.

According to a report, Kevin went to Central's Dragon-i night club after attending the New Year's eve countdown event. After having a couple of drinks, he was spotted hugging and kissing a mysterious long haired woman. In addition, Tommy Yuen(阮民安) was present at the bar during that night as well. Initially, both Kevin and Tommy were seen hanging out together and having fun. But due to unknown reason, the two started having an argument and people at the bar heard Tommy used profanities on Kevin.

In a phone interview regarding the night of the event, Kevin said, “I am a grown man and currently single. I hope I can find some someone to have a normal relationship together. Please give me some space without scaring her off. Or else, it will be difficult for me to find a wife.” In regards to having an argument with Tommy, Kevin replied, “It never happened.”

As for Tommy, he also commented on the event through a phone interview with the reporter. He replied, “I was drunk that night so I don't remember anymore. I have nothing to comment since there were so many people celebrating the New Year. When asked if he knows Kevin, he said, “We are acquaintances. We met up to have drinks.”

Did you introduce a girl to Kevin? Tommy said, “Who has the time to introduce a girl to him. Besides, I don't remember the details anymore. Were you guys having an argument? “Who was arguing? I was probably talking too loud.” He even told the reporter that he got drunk early into the night so he didn't see Kevin hugging and kissing a girl.

Kevin Cheng(鄭嘉穎) Kisses Mysterious Woman at Night Club

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