Jan 10, 2015

Ng Man-Tat(吳孟達) Almost Lost His Leg From Diabetes

The 63 years old Ng Man-Tat(吳孟達)'s health condition has always been a cause for concern after numerous rumors about his death. But fortunately, they were only rumors. In an interview with Eastweek magazine, he talked about his current heath condition and revealed he can only get back 50% of his cardiovascular functional capacity so he had already drafted a will with his lawyer.

On January 7th, Ng was in Taiwan to promote a new film titled "Time Is Money(十萬夥急)". During the promotional event, he revealed he was diagnosed with diabetes 15 years ago, and almost lost one of his legs. In addition, around April of last year, he contracted a virus which led him to having a congestive heart failure and was hospitalized. In this new year, he's hoping he can take a long break and spend more time with his family. He reiterated that after he finishes with the current film promotion, he will go on a hiatus. He won't be taking on any new film projects and will slowly retired from the entertainment world.

Time Is Money(十萬夥急) Trailer

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