Jan 19, 2015

Nicky Wu(吳奇隆) Marries Liu Shishi(劉詩詩)

The 44 years old Taiwanese artiste Nicky Wu(吳奇隆) has married the 27 years old Chinese top actress Cecilia Liu Shishi(劉詩詩). Last year, the two revealed their relationship on social media sites. It is said the two started dating after they filmed the Mainland China drama series together in "Scarlet Heart(步步驚心)". Today, the two posted their marriage license and wedding rings on Weibo announcing they've become husband and wife.

Nicky Wu left a message on his Weibo account: "Cherish, happiness."  Cecilia Liu Shishi(劉詩詩) also left her husband's message onto her Weibo account and wrote: "We are very happy." The two has been deeply in love since they started dating. Although Nicky's previous marriage didn't work out, but he publicly said Liu Shishi is her marriage partner. Last year, the two were revealed to be living together. Now, they've married.

 Nicky Wu(吳奇隆) Marries Cecilia Liu Shishi(劉詩詩)


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  1. Haha old man marrying little kid. He's old enough to be her dad.