Jan 18, 2015

Priscilla Wong(黃翠如) Reveals How She Started Dating Edwin Siu(蕭正楠)

Actress Priscilla Wong(黃翠如) was serving as the host for a camera brand's new product promotional function. During the event, Priscilla revealed she has traveled to over 58 countries and she has a habit of taking pictures of little kids and the elderly when traveling.

When asked if she's always taking pictures with his boyfriend Edwin Siu(蕭正楠)? She said: "We both don't like to take pictures. I remember when I was doing promotion for the drama series "Madam Cutie(師奶MADAM)", I tried to find a picture of us when we were filming, but I couldn't even find one." She also revealed she wasn't dating Edwin when they were filming Madam Cutie, it happened after the filming ended when they were messaging back and forth with each other. When asked if they will take more pictures together in the future, she said with a smile: "Edwin brought a fisheye camera lens and said they will use it to take pictures of them. But during the trip to Japan, he would rather take pictures of anime characters than me."


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