Jan 16, 2015

Shawn Yue(余文樂) Questions Eddie Peng(彭于晏)'s Sexual Orientation

Actor Shawn Yue(余文樂) was seen attending a sports brand press conference. During the press conference, the host and media asked Shawn if he has a girlfriend. Shawn honestly replied, “I still don't have a girlfriend right now. In fact, I haven't celebrated Valentine's Day with anyone special in a while.” Currently 33-years old, Shawn admitted that he wants to get married but hasn't found the right person yet. He hopes people can introduce girls to him because he's a homebody and doesn't have that many new friends. In fact, most of the people he collaborated with are male actors. When asked if he is interested in a blind date, he replied he is not that desperate yet.

To avoid the media's questioning, he changed topic and commented that he is more concerned about his good friend Eddie Peng(彭于晏) in getting a girlfriend because he is not interested in pretty girls. In fact, Eddie is more interested in a man’s body than a woman’s body. Eddie even said that he is not interested in dating at this point. The comment made Shawn questioned Eddie's sexual orientation.


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