Jan 7, 2015

Shirley Yeung(楊思琦)'s Ex-Lover Visits Her and Her Daughter

Since giving birth to her daughter Krystal Yeung(楊卓穎) in the US, Shirley Yeung(楊思琦) officially drew her line with Ex-Lover, Andy Ng(吳帥). For the past few years, Shirley has been working very hard to support the family on her own. Recently, rumor has it that Andy Ng, who disappeared for about 2 years, went to visit Shirley's apartment in Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong. Banging on the door to request to see his daughter, Shirley refused to let him in. Instead, she agreed to talk with him outside. Heavily in debt, Andy has been hiding in Nantong City, China. Even though they have been separated, Andy still uses Shirley's name to deceive people into giving him money.

Regarding to the rumor about Andy Ng's surprised visit to her apartment, Shirley responded, “I am not going to respond to this rumor. I have already said everything. This has never happened.” She even reminded the paparazzi to avoid taking pictures of her daughter. After picking up Krystal at her school, she left together with her mother and daughter in a black SUV.

In a phone interview with Shirley about Andy's attempt to take her daughter away, she said, “When I found out about the news, it was very funny because the rumor is not real. I only said I would not respond to the allegation. Shirley mentioned that she doesn't want to talk about the past anymore. She said, “If anyone asks me about this allegation, I am going to to stop responding because there is no truth to it.” When asked if her daughter wants to see her father, Shirley avoided the question by saying, “I wish everyone a Happy Birthday! My daughter is happy and doing very well.” She expressed that her only goal right now is to earn as much money as possible. (Have you set up a saving fund for your daughter?) She said, “Every parents want the best for their children. Its very standard. I didn't really set up any funds for her. My money is her money.” She revealed that she recently went to visit her brother, who lives in the US and had a great time. (Do you have any pursuers right now?) She responded, “Not yet. I don't want to think about it too much. I will consider it later.”


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