Feb 25, 2015

Aimee Chan(陳茵媺) & Gigi Leung(梁詠琪) About To Give Birth

Aimee Chan(陳茵媺) and Gigi Leung(梁詠琪) both got pregnant at about the same time and they are due to give birth next month in March.

Gigi Leung, who is expected to give birth to a baby girl often posts picture of herself and her husband Sergio onto social media sites. On the fifth day of Chinese New Year, Gigi continued to share pictures of friends and family visiting her for New Year. Gigi said: "This Chinese New Year, I am patiently staying home awaiting to give birth. I thought it would be painful not being able to go outside for the New Year. But luckily, I have friends and colleagues visiting me everyday. They provided me the festive atmosphere that I yearn for. I want to thank everyone of you for giving me this surprisingly eventful start to the New Year!" We haven't seen pictures of Gigi in a while and her stomach has gotten so big. It looks like she will give birth any day now.

On the other hand, Aimee Chan is said to be expecting a baby boy. Ever since she announced her pregnancy, she only posted pictures of her face onto Weibo to say hi to fans. For New Year, she posted three pictures of herself making funny faces and said: "Waiting, expecting, time passes by so slowly..." So, is she about to give birth soon?

Aimee Chan(陳茵媺) & Gigi Leung(梁詠琪) About To Give Birth


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