Feb 26, 2015

Lawrence Ng(吳啟華) Gambles His Money Away After Divorce

Last year, Lawrence Ng(吳啟華) announced his divorce with his 29 years old wife, Shek Yeung Chi(石洋子) who was 21 years his junior. Since the divorce, Lawrence has been separated from his 6-years old daughter. Becoming a divorcee for the second time, the 50 years old Lawrence was seen spending his birthday at a casino in Macau.

Recently, the reporters witnessed Lawrence heading to Macau by himself last week. Gambling from casinos such as Wynn to MGM, he didn't play a game under $1000 HKD. Since he was losing money the whole time, he became irritated and wouldn't leave the gambling table until he lost all his gambling chips at around 4:00am.

Michael Miu(苗僑偉) Left Lawrence Behind
One day, Lawrence was seen leaving his residence at Kowloon Tong to go to Macau. After arriving, Lawrence met up with Michael Miu(苗僑偉), his wife Jamie Chik(戚美珍), and two female friends for foods. After eating, all of them went into Wynn Macau. Michael settled Jamie down before gambling with Lawrence. Familiar with the area, Lawrence initially brought Michael to the craps table as warm up. After winning several games, they moved on to the baccarat table with a minimum of $800 HKD per game. Finally, they settled down at a table with a minimum of $1000 HKD per game.

While gambling, Michael became irritated when surrounded gamblers started taking pictures of him and Lawrence. After playing for an hour, Michael lost his gambling mood and left Lawrence behind. While ignoring the people taking pictures, Lawrence continued to play seriously. Eventually, he moved on to MGM to continue gambling. With over $10,000 gambling chips, Lawrence settled for baccarat with a minimum of $1000 per game. After winning several games, his luck turned on him and he began to lose. Eventually, he lost all his gambling chips.

In a previous interview, Lawrence admitted to growing up in a gambling family. He even mentioned his 90-year old grandma had a sudden heart attack and passed away at a gambling table after winning 3 games in a row. Even though he loves to gamble, he tries to control his gambling habit after the birth of his daughter. Since divorcing his wife, Lawrence is addicted to gambling again. Every time he goes to Macau, he would spend at least two to three days gambling before heading back to Hong Kong.

Lawrence Ng(吳啟華) Gambles His Money Away After Divorce


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