Feb 12, 2015

Myolie Wu(胡杏兒) Bitten By Baby Chimp; Boyfriend Wants Her To Quit

Artiste Myolie Wu(胡杏兒) recently admitted to be in a relationship with boyfriend Philip Lee. Besides developing the relationship with her new boyfreind, Myolie is also busy filming for a Mainland China's reality program titled "Wonderful Friends(奇妙的朋友)" as a zookeeper. It is reported that Myolie was attacked and bitten when she was taking care of baby chimps.

With Myolie's contract with TVB about to end, she decided to test out her market in Mainland China and accepted an offer to film the reality program "Wonderful Friends(奇妙的朋友)" with celebrities such as Li Yuchun(李宇春) and Ni Ni(倪妮). Myolie's main role as zookeeper in the program was to take care of two baby chimpanzees.

After seeing his girlfriend suffered everyday taking care of chimpanzees, it is said that Myolie's boyfriend wanted her to quit being an actress altogether.

During the one month of filming, Myolie was living inside the zoo and she was only allowed to go outside two times a week. Her phone was also confiscated during working hours and there were strict rules as to when she could use her phone. In regards to Myolie's new relationship, this was extremely inconvenient for her not to be able to use her phone to keep in contact with her new boyfriend.

However, Myolie's hard work paid off in the end. After the show was aired, "Wonderful Friends(奇妙的朋友)" had the best ratings in the country. Meanwhile, her popularity is soaring in China. She is currently the top 3 searches on various search engines.

Myolie Wu(胡杏兒) Bitten By Baby Chimp; Boyfriend Wants Her To Quit


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