Feb 22, 2015

Netizens Shocked By Edison Chen(陳冠希)'s Recent Selfie

There's a saying that men age like fine wine. The older they are, the better they get. People like Edison Chen(陳冠希) used to mesmerize all the girls in his younger days, it's a given he's going to become more handsome and manly as he ages. However, Edison has looked tired and worn out in recent years. Many netizens claimed he has aged miserably from his recent pictures.

Last night, Edison uploaded a big head selfie onto his Instagram account. Although he has kept himself in shape, he gives off a mature uncle vibe from his look. No wonder Hong Kong Golden Forum user King Jer went on a rant on Edison on her Facebook: "Time and tide wait for no man. Looking at his recent selfie he uploaded on Instagram, he has changed considerably from that handsome face that grew up with us. Wah! Look at those eye bags, crows feet and dark circles under his eyes. His face is also full of moles. People say that men look better with age but I don't think that can apply to him."

Many netizens also showed no mercy and left behind cruel messages: "On the other hand, Nicholas Tse(謝霆鋒) looks better with age", "34 and he already looks like this", "He looks like dirty perverted old man", "The better you look, the faster you age!"

Netizens shocked by Edison Chen(陳冠希)'s Recent Selfie


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  1. He really should not let his facial hair grow if it's that sparse. He is looking quite hideous nowadays.