Feb 7, 2015

Snow Suen(孫慧雪) In Raising The Bar(四個女仔三個BAR) Draws Praises From Netizens

TVB's new drama series "Raising The Bar(四個女仔三個BAR)" has been a hit since day one. Besides the beautiful Grace Chan(陳凱琳), Jeannie Chan(陳瀅), Stephanie Ho(何雁詩), and Moon Lau(劉佩玥) in the show, the other cast members are also getting attention from netizens. One of them played the role of Louis Cheung(張繼聰)'s girlfriend in the show named Snow Suen(孫慧雪).

Although Snow Suen played the role of a kong girl by forcing Louis Cheung's character to put her on a pedestal, netizens didn't seem to get turned off by the evil role she played but instead praised her acting skills in the drama. Netizens praised her in the scene where she broke up with Louis Cheung and how she expressed her dissatisfaction with Louis with exquisite facial expression. In addition, many netizens also said she looks beautiful and would be a great choice as a girlfriend for them.

Even with all the praises from netizens, it doesn't mean her acting career is going to take off anytime soon. Actually, she started her career with TVB in 2005 and appeared in various drama series. It was only in the last two years that people started noticing her.

孫慧雪(Snow Suen) In Raising The Bar(四個女仔三個BAR) Draws Praises From Netizens


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  1. She does look cute. I wish TVB would give her more opportunities.