Mar 27, 2015

47YO Vivian Chow(周慧敏) Stuns Everyone At Event

47 years old Vivian Chow(周慧敏) wore a tube dress to attend an event.

She revealed that she started going on a diet last week just to wear the dress for the occasion: "I started eating less and doing more exercise because the dress leaves no space and conforms tightly to the body." She disclosed that the dress was designed from Germany using special technique. When asked if she voiced her opinion during the printing process, she said: "I didn't have the gut. I like to draw as a hobby so I like to view art from an appreciative stand point. (Have you ever tried making clothes using your own design?) I thought about it. I have a lot of hobbies but there's a give and take. I would rather spend more time with my family then to spend it on creating art."

Reveals She has Eight Babies
Besides spending more time with family, she also said she needs to condition her body. She revealed that her health started to decline after working on her album and she just had a body check with her husband: "It was like taking a test. Luckily, we are both very healthy." She also said she has eight cats at home: "It's a family of ten if you count my husband and I. I also plan to decrease my workload and spend more time with family." When asked if she's conditioning her body to give birth, she said: "I won't be giving birth. I already have eight kitty cats at home. There's just no time."

47YO Vivian Chow(周慧敏) Stuns Everyone At Event

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  1. How is this possible? For someone who's almost 50...that's O_o