Mar 5, 2015

Ageless Beauty Strawberry Yeung(楊玉梅) Celebrates 50th Birthday

Artiste Strawberry Yeung(楊玉梅) was at Kwun Tong to attend the press conference for a charity stageplay. With her youthful looking appearance, it was a surprise to hear she was also celebrating her 50th birthday. Her fellow actors from the stageplay presented her with a birthday cake when it was her turn to speak on stage.

When Strawberry was asked about her birthday wish, she said the important thing is to stay healthy. She also revealed she's playing a social worker in the stageplay and purposely visited at-risk teenagers: "I went to talk with these kids to get a feel on how to perform my role as social worker. This will also be my first time singing for a stageplay." Strawberry claimed she likes working with teenagers because of their youthful energy.  She also said she's scared to have baby after seeing how her friends' kids turned out.

In regards to her plan for this year, she expressed she has already signed a contract in Mainland China to film movies and commercials. Her restaurant business will be handled by her assistants.

Ageless Beauty Strawberry Yeung(楊玉梅) Celebrates 50th Birthday 


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