Mar 19, 2015

Alvin Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華) Publicly Confesses His Love For Wife

At the end of last year, it was rumored that both Mandy Lieu and Alvin Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華)'s wife Heidi Chan(陳慧玲) are both carrying his child. Recently, Mandy received permission to return to Hong Kong and stayed at Central's Four Season Hotel for her pregnancy. As for Heidi, she responded in a calmly manner and said, “There will only be one Mrs. Chau forever.”

Many may think Alvin Cheok Wa has lost his love for this wife due to his playboy behaviors. In fact, he is a man who has his priorities straight and has a strong sense of family value. During Lunar New Year, he took the whole family including his pregnant wife to celebrate the New Year in Japan. Surprisingly, he was seen acting intimately with his wife.

During a huge banquet event few days ago, Alvin Cheok Wa wanted to reassure his wife of his loyalty by publicly confessing his love to her in front of the audience, “I am not talking anymore since it's time for raffle. Instead, I will let my wife do the raffling.” According to the original script, he was supposed to leave the stage but he suddenly walked back towards the stage and took the mic. Eventually, Alvin Cheok Wa said, “My wife is my true love.” After leaving the stage, he continued to say, “My love for Heidi is as strong as diamond. Nothing will change my love for her.”

According to sources, both Mandy Lieu and Heidi both have their eyes on Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital to give birth due its privacy standards and convenient location. However, Heidi has already scheduled a date and time for a C-section at the hospital in June. In fact, Alvin Cheok Wa is expected to stay by Heidi's side to welcome the arrival of their new baby.

Alvin Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華) Publicly Confesses His Love For Wife



  1. I honesty think (and I don't see this line of thought anywhere) that he just wants to please his wife for the time being. Perhaps he has no prenups with his wife and doesn't want to lose half his financial assets to her. It sure makes it easy for him to lose half his assets to his wife, if a divorce ensues, with proof of his philandering splashed all over the news.

    If he truly loves his wife, he would not have continually visited Mandy during Mandy's pregnancy (or just generally cheating AT ALL), on and off and even leaving a trip early with his wife and family to be with Mandy.

    If Mandy was just another one of his play things, he would've suggested other ways to deal with Mandy's pregnancy or pull a Jackie Chan and just deny the kid outright. He seems to actually care for Mandy, spending time with her, holding her hand even when she's quite pregnant and not just when she's a slim, sex object.

    His proclamation of love for his wife seems set up, look at his wife's expression, super smug. I heard Mandy's birthday is March 20th, the wife probably found that out and coerced/nagged the husband to do something for her, to save face,since he stupidly went as far as to get another woman (high profile model, at that) pregnant. Seems about right, to try to shame Mandy right before her birthday.

    I also heard the wife was not the first wife, and was a third party herself in Alvin's first marriage. Chinese is not my first language, so if anyone who comments can confirm, that'd be awesome. I'm not usually into this gossip stuff, but this is just.......better than TV. This is a story I hope English websites like ahmike providing great translated entertainment news, will follow up on.

    1. Sorry, got a typo I meant "honestly,"not "honesty."