Mar 21, 2015

Ben Wong(黃智賢)'s Outing With His Beautiful Wife

Some men age like a fine wine, and according to people watching TVB dramas, actor Ben Wong(黃智賢) is doing just that. He and his wife have been married for 11 years. Although the two still don't have kids yet, they often spend time enjoying each other's company and traveling together.

In recent days, the couple were seen having a dinner date together and left the restaurant with smiles on their faces. Ben was stunned when he found out there were paparazzi waiting outside for him. It took him a second to recover and waved his hand to them. The low-keyed Mrs. Wong was acting shyly and lowered her head to avoid the gaze of the camera. The two then disappeared into the busy streets of Central District. Despite being married for a long time but their love for each other hasn't changed one bit. No wonder Ben was never involved into any romance rumors with any of his female costars.

Ben Wong(黃智賢)'s Outing With His Beautiful Wife


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  1. Ben looks good for someone who's almost 50. TVB needs to give him more opportunities. The guy can act better than so many other guys.