Apr 9, 2016

Blue Veins(殭) Overview And Promotional Stills

Blue Veins(殭) is a TVB modern day fantasy action drama series directed by Joe Chan(陳維冠) starring Kevin Cheng(鄭嘉穎), Kay Tse(謝安琪), Grace Chan(陳凱琳), Wong You-Nam(黃又南), Kwan Lai Kit(關禮傑), Luk Wing(陸永), Winki Lai(賴慰玲), and Anjaylia Chan(陳嘉寶).

Five hundred years ago, an Imperial Guard named [Ying Wood Cheuk/刑活著(Kevin Cheng/鄭嘉穎)] was under the order to eliminate a group of vampires. During the pursuit, he was struck by a lightning and became an immortal/undead. Ever since, he has taken upon himself to rid the world of vampires and changes his identity every 20 years to hide his true identity.

Fate leads Ying Wood Cheuk to a forensic pathologist named [Lam Mung Nam/藍夢南(Kay Tse/謝安琪)] in Holland. Lam Mung Nam somehow can't help falling for Ying Wood Cheuk at first sight. In an effort to pursue after a vampire named [Ling Fung/凌風(Joel Chan/陳山聰)], Ying Wood Cheuk returns back to Hong Kong only to find out there is a complicated relationship between Lam Mung Nam and Ling Fung.

Ying Wood Cheuk hides his identity by becoming an owner to a late-night restaurant to gather information about vampires from customers. In the process, Ying Wood Cheuk comes across Lam Mung Nam's younger sister [Nam Mung Yiu/藍夢瑤(Grace Chan/陳凱琳)] who bears a resemblance to his late wife from four hundred years ago, as well as Nam Mung Yiu's two classmates [Ho Yuet/何月(Anjaylia Chan/陳嘉寶)] and [Yau Ling Miu/丘靈梅(Winki Lai/賴慰玲)]. In addition, he also accepts two disciples in [Ho Nin/何年(Wong You Nam/黃又南)] and [Kan Ting Sze/簡霆斯(Luk Wing/陸永)] to teach them the meaning of justice and peace.

Lam Mung Nam's body starts to to act in a strange way and it turns out she has been hiding an unbelievable secret. With the help of Ying Wood Cheuk, Lam Mung Nam manages to get her life back on track. However, Lam Mung Nam's life is once again in turmoil after she runs into another undead named [Pong Ying Tin/龐應天(Eddie Kwan/關禮傑)] who's trying to capture her for his own selfish greed. Ying Wood Cheuk, Lam Mung Nam and the others are inevitably engulfed in the battle between vampires and immortals that has lasted several hundreds of years......

Blue Veins(殭) TVB 2016

Blue Veins(殭) Overview And Promotional Stills

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