Mar 31, 2015

Bob Lam(林盛斌) Becomes Owner of Entertainment Production Company

Bob Lam(林盛斌) held a press conference last night as one of the proud owners of an entertainment production company called "CHESSMAN(棋人)". During the conference, it was announced that Stephanie Cheng(鄭融) and Ryan Lau(劉威煌) will be joining the new company. Also, the company will be responsible for promoting Taiwanese group LOLLIPOP@F in the Greater China Region. Along with Tang Chi Wai(鄧智偉) and Egg Benedict(莊冬昕), Bob held an alliance ceremony to celebrate the opening of their new company.

Being called “boss” for the first time, Bob expressed his excitement and thrills for being a first time owner. He commented: "My current feeling is more nerve wrecking than getting married. (Is it hard to be a boss?) I am confident that I will be the “Best Golden Entertainment Manager” when I step down from the spotlight. My greatest wish is for the new company to eventually become a listed company."

In regards to Stephanie's almost accidental trip on the stage, she joking commented that she couldn't wait to sign as an artist for the new company. She said, “Everything is OK! Since joining the new company, I have already recorded two new songs and a music video in just one month.” (Did Benedict signed you to the new company?) She expressed that she ended her contract peacefully with her old management company. Also, Benedict and her are comrades in arms and have collaborated for over 10 years.

Bob Lam(林盛斌) Becomes Owner of Entertainment Production Company

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  1. shouldn't have signed stephanie...her career is on the decline