Mar 19, 2015

Chingmy Yau(邱淑貞)'s Daughter Wants To Become A Model

Chingmy Yau(邱淑貞) has been retired from public life for 15 years and now spends most of her time taking care of her family and three young daughters. She made an appearance at "Chloe SS15 Capsule Collection for I.T Opening Party" as the boss's wife and claimed she's here to help out. Her eldest daughter Sham Yuet(沈月) couldn't make it to the event due to school.

When asked if she likes watching fashion show with her daughter, she said: "We don't often go. We would only go if she wants to go. (Do you guys share fashion tips with each other?) The things I like, she doesn't like. The things she likes, I don like. Maybe I like more feminine styles while she's into more youthful styles."

When asked if her eldest daughter ever thought about becoming a model, she said: "She actually did but I told her to grow taller first and play more basketball. (So you don't oppose to her becoming a model?) I think being a model is good plus she can also make herself look pretty." She also revealed her daughter likes to pick her own outfits: "She likes to pick out her own clothes. (What do you think of her fashion sense?) I don't know. I can't use my point of view to judge a teenager's fashion sense. I let her do her own thing."

Chingmy Yau(邱淑貞)'s Daughter Wants To Become A Model


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