Mar 15, 2015

Elaine Ng(吳綺莉) Finally Admits To Hitting Her Daughter?

Last year, Jackie Chan(成龍) and Lin Feng Jiao(林鳳嬌)'s son Jaycee Chan(房祖名) was arrested for possession of drug in Beijing. This time, Jaycee's half sister Etta Ng(吳卓林) broke the news that her mother Elaine Ng(吳綺莉) is an alcoholics. In fact, Elaine was arrested by the police and charged with child abuse. Yesterday, Elaine accepted an interview with Hong Kong Cable and publicly admitted, “I made mistakes which is why my daughter does not feel safe around me.” Since the incident, Elaine hasn't been able to make contact with her daughter. Using the interview, she sobbed and said, “Mommy will take care of herself.”

In 1999, Elaine was crowned the winner of ATV's Miss Asia Pageant. In 1999, she fell in love with the already married Jackie and gave birth to Etta illegitimately. Currently, Etta has been living with Elaine for the past 15 years. Unexpectedly, Etta told her school that she was hit by her mother. Since Elaine was arrested for child arrest, the police also searched her home and found a small amount of “suspected” drug in their Tai Po residence. Currently, Elaine has been released on bail.

Elaine Avoids Talking About Suspected Drug Charge
Around 1pm yesterday, Nelson from Hong Kong Cable entered Elaine's home to conduct an interview with her. During the interview, Elaine expressed that Etta is concerned about her safety. Since she is being charged with child abuse, she's separated from her daughter for the time being. Elaine admitted that she has been drinking red wine to aid in her insomnia. In regards to the drug charge, she said, “I will let my lawyer handle the case. At this moment, I don't want to scare my child and hurt her even more.” Also, she hasn't been able to contact her daughter since the incident. “She is scared to pick up my phone call. She is not even responding to my WhatsApp messages.” But, she said Etta has been contacting her step-mom. Elaine said, “My daughter doesn't know what to do anymore. I admit that I have made mistakes, which is why she feels insecure around me. She knows I love her but she is concerned about my health since I've been under tremendous amount of stress from work.”

When the police was conducting an interview with Elaine, she found out that Etta confessed to the police that her Mom slapped her. Elaine said, “At the time of the police investigation, I said that's impossible. It's been so many years...That kind of hitting was just a gentle slap on her arm. How painful could that be?” Nelson said, “Child abuse doesn't have to be physical. It can also be psychological abuse.” Elaine commented, “I know I did not abuse my daughter psychologically.” During the interview about her daughter, Elaine had trouble holding back her tears.

Daughter Etta Ng Thought About Committing Suicide
During a magazine interview with Elaine, she found out that it was Etta's teacher who called the police. After talking to Etta, her teacher discovered that Etta was emotionally unstable and has considered committing suicide. Since Etta is in her puberty age, she is dealing with a lot emotional stress. At home, both Elaine and Etta only talk about happy news.

In a separate interview with Etta, she admitted that she doesn't want to bother her mother with her problems. Instead, she acts like a happy child when she is at home. Since she knows she can't help her mother, she decided to ask the school for help. Etta publicly exposed her mother as an alcoholics and a smoker. Every night, she would drink two bottles of wine. After vomiting, she would continue to drink uncontrollably and even hide in the bathroom. Etta is very concerned about her mother's well-being but she knows she is unable to help mother. When Elaine would become drunk and emotionally unstable, she would push and shove her. After listening to her daughter's interview confession, Elaine admitted that she does have a communication problem with Etta. She later posted onto Weibo to explain the situation: "Kid sometimes doesn't listen. If she doesn't listen then she would make mistake. I need to teach her what's right and wrong as an adult. I did not hit her, nor was I in possession of any drug. Please don't make stuff up."

Jackie Chan Cut Off 10K Monthly Child Support
Rumors were spread like wild fire since Elaine Ng carried the child of Jackie Chan back in 1999. It is said that even though Jackie was unset with Elaine for giving birth to their daughter Etta, he still paid over 30 millions HKD in breakup fees in addition to 10k monthly child support to her. But the condition was for Elaine to bring Etta to live in Shanghai forever and never set foot in Hong Kong ever again to avoid upsetting his wife Lin Feng Jiao(林鳳嬌).  

Elaine was living with her daughter in Shanghai for a long period of time. But in order to get her daughter a better education, she brought her back to Hong Kong with her in 2011 to enroll into a prestigious school. However, this broke the condition that she would never set foot in Hong Kong. So Jackie angrily cut off all child support. Since returning back to Hong Kong, Elaine has been under financial stress to provide for her daughter and to pay 10k yearly tuition for her to stay in private school. Elaine was a host at Commercial Radio Hong Kong for a short time but her contract wasn't renewed. She was hired by Hong Kong Cable last year.

Elaine Ng(吳綺莉) Finally Admits To Hitting Her Daughter



  1. I can't really say she's at fault for teaching her daughter. I mean it's tough being single mom and she needs to work too. If anyone is to blame, it's Jackie. He's rich enough where he can give them change in his pocket and they can still lead a pretty good life. He's gotta be responsible for the mess he has caused.

  2. This is sad. This is supposed to be a private matter and it has turned into some sort of show for people. Just leave them alone already.