Mar 27, 2015

Elaine Yiu(姚子羚) Rumored To Get Married To Millionaire Boyfriend Soon

The currently 34 years old Elaine Yiu(姚子羚) was photographed in the same car together with a nightclub owner named Patrick back in 2013. But the two's relationship ended prematurely. Just when we thought Elaine's love life was lacking, a magazine revealed that she has already moved on from her last relationship and started dating a millionaire boyfriend named Cheng Tsz Bong(鄭子邦). It is said his family business owns and operates over couple hundreds of taxis. The two may even have a chance to get married within the year.

"Prince of taxi" Cheng Tsz Bong(鄭子邦) was photographed on a date with Janice Man(文詠珊) last year and the two seemed to be on good terms. But in few short months, he was already Elaine's new love. It is said Elaine took the initiative to pursue a relationship with him and she ultimately defeated Janice Man. Elaine started moving into her boyfriend's home last September and the two have lived together for over six months now. It is reported that his boyfriend has talked with his friends about proposing to Elaine. It looks like Elaine may have a chance to get married soon.

According to people with knowledge of the matter, Cheng Tsz Bong already has plan to marry Elaine. Although they have only dated for a short time, he treats his girlfriend very well. He's always seen praising Elaine as considerate and kind to his friends. He also knows that Elaine wants to get married so he has been asking his friends about how they proposed to their wives.

The two love birds were spotted earlier outside their home. At the time, they were out buying bread at a famous bakery at Aberdeen Island. Afterward, they dropped by a dog shelter and they seemed to have an interest to adopt a dog. A few days later, Elaine was asked by reporters about her relationship with Cheng Tsz Bong, Elaine avoided the question and said they went to do volunteer work.

Elaine Yiu(姚子羚) Rumored To Get Married To Millionaire Boyfriend Soon

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  1. She looks like one of those mean women that will control all her husband's finance. I would stay away from her.