Mar 21, 2015

Fred Cheng(鄭俊弘) Holds Annual Lunch Banquet For Fans

Singer Fred Cheng(鄭俊弘) appeared at Kowloon Bay to attend his annual fans club lunch banquet gathering. The banquet hosted more than 300 fans. Fred even invited his good friend Hoffman Cheng(鄭世豪) as the host of the event.

Fred indicated that last year's fansclub gathering was in the form of a small concert. But with the increase in members this year, he changed the gathering to a banquet, he said: "I hope there will be more people in next year's gathering. Then we will have a huge gathering event." Besides singing for his fans at the gathering, Fred revealed that he's giving away autographed pictures as gifts to fans. He also said he has been busy preparing for a new album and he is about to doing recording. It is estimated the new album will be released in September.

Fred Cheng(鄭俊弘) Holds Lunch Banquet For Fans



  1. Doesn't he also go to school now? How does he have time to do all these things? LOL..just when does he sleep?

  2. NOOOOOOO... I would have come if I had known ahead of time.