Mar 2, 2015

Gigi Leung(梁詠琪) and Husband Name Their Daughter Sofia

Since Gigi Leung(梁詠琪) married her Spaniard husband Sergio back in 2011, she has always wanted to have a baby. Last year, she announced she was pregnant and has been waiting patiently for the arrival of their daughter. On February 28th, 2015, Gigi had a c-section with her husband by her side and gave birth to the couple's first child. The two couldn't handle the joy of being parents and shed tears of happiness.

The little princess weights 6.6lbs and the baby is described as "eating well and sleeping well" by her mom. Although she gets hungry and needs breast milk every two hours, but she turns into a "sleeping princess" after she's fed.

After experiencing the most physically painful thing in a woman's life, Gigi said she already forgot about the pain the moment she laid eyes on her little princess: "She cried so loud when she came out. After the nurse handed her over to me, she immediately got quiet and stared at me with her eyes. At that moment, my husband and I were both touched beyond words."

When hospital staff laid eyes on the baby, they all couldn't resist and said: "Oh, she is so long!" The baby is measured to be over half a meter long and seems to have inherited the good genes from her parents. Gigi said: "It doesn't matter if she's short or fat, the most important thing is that she's healthy."

The little princess is named Sofia by both Gigi and Sergio. It is a name often used for girl in Spain. The name Sofia means intelligence and beauty. In regards to a Chinese name, Gigi said with a smile: "We still don't have time to decide on a name yet. I think we should give Daddy a Chinese name first! Haha!"

With Gigi entering the next stage of her life, she expressed the most important things for her is to rest and to do her best to take care of her little princess.

Gigi Leung(梁詠琪) and Husband Name Their Daughter Sofia


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