Mar 2, 2015

Is Ellen Loo(盧凱彤) Coming Out Of The Closet?

Hong Kong singer-songwriter Ellen Joyce Loo(盧凱彤) has always been a vocal advocate for gay rights movement. A few days ago, she made a post on Facebook about her sexual orientation by dropping subtle hints she may be coming out of the closet.

Ellen wrote: "I was nine years old and it was during an awkward age when I hadn't reached puberty yet. But it doesn't mean I didn't know about things. My hair was cut short at the time because I enjoyed the feeling of looking like a boy. One time when I was waiting for women's restroom at a shopping center, an auntie shouted at me for standing at the wrong line and told me to go to the men's restroom. That was the first time I felt ashamed and embarrassed so I left and didn't go at all.

When I was growing up, gender identity was something I had trouble with. Until I debuted as a singer, I found out that being a girl is fun and I have many feminine qualities. You can say that I am a mix between male and female. In this time period, there is no absolute 100% male or female. From my point of view, what gender you are depends on your soul more so than your body. Finding a like-minded companion is more important than a companion in bed(But at the same time, I also have needs too, Ha!)"

When reporters called Ellen to confirm if she's coming out, she said: "No, I was a tom boy at nine. I found out I have a feminine side after I grow up. Sexual orientation isn't a topic for fans. If I do get married, I will announce it to the world. I am dating right now but you guys will have to wait to find out the gender of my partner on my wedding day."

Is Ellen Loo(盧凱彤) Coming Out Of The Closet?


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