Mar 27, 2015

Is Jinny Ng(吳若希) Publicizing Her Love For A Special Someone?

Scandal-ridden Jinny Ng(吳若希) is known as the "Queen of Gossip" in the entertainment world after rumored to be involved with numerous male artistes. She was also rumored to be romantically involved with her costars Alan Wan(溫家偉), Him Law(羅仲謙), and Adrian Chau(周志文) in the currently airing hit drama series "Young Charioteers(衝線)".

Just when everyone was guessing who's the real Mr.Right for Jinny, she suddenly posted an interesting picture today. You can see that it's a man kissing a girl's cheek in the picture. Although both the guy and the girl's faces are covered up by cute graphics in the picture but you can tell that the girl is Jinny based on the hairstyle. Jinny also posted the following message along with the picture: "Love is a mysterious thing. You may not the best one. But if you love the right person at the right time, he can definitely change for the better just for you. I will reach the finish line and have the best time of my life with him. If we are together, will you guys bless us with happiness?" The message sounded like she was trying to publicized her love for a special someone.

This action by Jinny also seemed to hit a nerve with her fans. Some fans said they will boycott her song from now on, while some carefully analyzed the picture and claimed the man in the picture is Alan Wan. Although Jinny has't responded to her fans' comments, but judging by the hash tags "Young Charioteers(衝線)" and "The Beautiful Time(美好的時光)" she used, some fans guessed that it was a way to promote the ending to the drama series "Young Charioteers(衝線)".

Is Jinny Ng(吳若希) Publicizing Her Love For A Special Someone?

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  1. Yeah.. it's mostly likely for promotion. No way she's risking her career for Alan. Alan is just a small potato...a calefare.