Mar 4, 2015

Jacqueline Wong(黃心穎) Upset By Rumor Of Being Vincent Wong(王浩信)'s Mistress

Artiste Jacqueline Wong(黃心穎) was at TVB city to do promotional activity for the program "Are you healthy?(你健康嗎?)". As a guest for the event, she tested out her flexibility in front of everyone. With her background in dancing, she was able to easily perform high difficulty exercises.

Jacqueline Wong claimed she's very clumsy. She said she got bruises on her hands for clapping too hard and choked on fish bone. She revealed she finally understand the importance of details can have an effect on health. After she finished filming for an upcoming TVB drama series "With or Without You(東坡家事)", she will be filming another new drama series "Inspector Gourmet(為食神探)" in March with Kenneth Ma(馬國明), Eliza Sam(岑麗香), and many others. She will play a lesbian that has a crush on Eliza Sam's character.

Earlier, there was a rumor that she's involved in Vincent Wong(王浩信) and Yoyo Chen(陳自瑤)'s marriage. Jacqueline said she's upset by the rumor report since it has caused damage to her image, she said: "The allegation is serious, I am not a mistress!" She said she doesn't know Yoyo Chen too well and not too worried about her getting upset. She indicated that she has not seen Vincent Wong since the report because they are not filming together. When asked if she's worried for being labeled as "flirty slut", she replied: "There's nothing I can do but the name is not nice. I will be more careful next time and distance myself from male colleagues."

 Jacqueline Wong(黃心穎) Upset By Rumor Of Being Vincent Wong(王浩信)'s Mistress


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