Mar 5, 2015

Jeannie Chan(陳瀅) And Stephanie Ho(何雁詩) Having Fun At Disneyland

TVB's hit drama series "Raising The Bar(四個女仔三個BAR)" just recently finished airing but the friendship between Jeannie Chan(陳瀅) And Stephanie Ho(何雁詩) won't be affected by the end of the show! The two beauties joined up together to have fun at Disney theme park. Their relationship is tighter than those in a band. But... where were Grace Chan(陳凱琳) and Moon Lau(劉佩玥)?

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Although the other two sisters weren't around, Jeannie Chan and Stephanie Ho both didn't seem to bother by their absences and continued to post pictures as usual onto their Instagram! Jeannie Chan uploaded a picture of her happily hugging a Baymax doll. When they were on the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride, Jeannie even leaned her head onto Stephanie's shoulder! You can tell their friendship is special. Later that day, Stephanie Ho uploaded pictures from their trip and left the message: "Disney with my Goddess." The two also tried out other rides including carousel and took pictures with many Disney characters around the park.

Jeannie Chan(陳瀅) And Stephanie Ho(何雁詩) Having Fun At Disneyland


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