Mar 3, 2015

Jeannie Chan(陳瀅) Tries To Lose Weight For New Drama Series

Artiste Jeannie Chan(陳瀅) was attending an antique exhibition wearing Chinese qipao and Miao people's dowry. Regarding future wedding's jewelry choice, Jeannie said she likes something simple: "I prefer something that's small and made out of gold. Anything chibi version is good in my book."

Jeannie admitted that she needs to lose weight for her role in the drama series "Vampire(疆)", she said: "I ate so much niangao during Chinese Year. I also visited Louis Cheung(張繼聰)'s place to visit his family." In regards to the Lantern Festival, Jeannie revealed no one has asked her out yet but she hopes to have a meal with the other three starring actresses from the drama series "Raising The Bar(四個女仔三個Bar)". When mentioned "Raising The Bar" has a chance for a sequel, she also hopes that it will be the case.

In regards to being labeled as "Goddess" after the show "Raising The Bar" and if she was asked to attend more public events, she said: "I was busy filming so I didn't have time to do events. (Are you getting a paid raise?) Haha, I don't know. Everything is all taken care of by the company." In addition, Jeannie revealed she will travel to Holland this April, she said: "The drama series "Vampire(疆)" will be shooting some scenes in Holland, but I have no scenes in Holland. So I will pay for the trip myself and travel there with my friends for 10 days. (Will you be doing any shopping?) I like taking pictures instead, such as old architectural buildings. I don't often go shopping."

Jeannie Chan(陳瀅) Tries To Lose Weight For New Drama Series


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