Mar 29, 2015

John Chiang(姜大偉) Admitted To Hospital Due To Heart Problem

The currently 67 years old John Chiang(姜大偉) was filming TVB's upcoming drama series "Short End Of The Stick(公公出宮)" yesterday and experienced heart discomfort. Fellow actors and actresses Wayne Lai(黎耀祥), Power Chan(陳國邦), Nancy Wu(胡定欣), Natalie Tong(唐詩詠), Rosina Lin(林夏薇), and son-in-law Raymond Cho(曹永廉) saw what happened and stopped the filming. Due to John Chiang had an angioplasty couple years ago, Raymond Cho immediately rushed his father-in-law into hospital for evaluation.

Just Want To be More Careful
John Chiang stayed for the night and was already released from the hospital. He accepted a phone interview from the press and said: "The report said I am okay. But I will head over to see my family doctor tomorrow. No matter how good I feel, I did have an angioplasty. I just want to be more careful. (Is filming drama exhausting?) Not really. We are doing one group a day. Only 10 hours. Sometimes I come in for two to three scenes then I can leave. It's not tiring at all."

Raymond Cho talked about what happened at the scene through a phone interview: "Father-in-law said his heart felt weak. I immediately rushed him to the hospital when I remembered he had an angioplasty. All the tests said he's okay so I am feeling better now." Playing John Chiang's daughter in the drama series' Rosina Lin said: "John said his heart didn't feel well. We were all nervous and stopped the filming right away. I called Raymond to ask about the situation because I don't want to bother John while he's recuperating."

Producer Marco Law(羅永賢) will make arrangements for John to recuperate, he said: "We will stop filming John's parts. We will let him see his family doctor and let him get back to work later on. (Is he working too much?) His role is very important. He's almost in every scene. But he's getting up there in age so it's better for him to take care of his body first."

John Chiang(姜大偉) Admitted To Hospital Due To Heart Problem

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