Mar 4, 2015

Kate Tsui(徐子珊) Groans About Her Bleak Future With Friend

After winning the 2004 Miss Hong Kong, Kate Tsui( 徐子珊) was fortunate enough to film in one of Johnnie To(杜琪峯)'s movies "Eye In The Sky(跟蹤)". Even though it was her first time filming a movie, Kate won the 27th Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Performer. Since winning the award, she hasn't had any breakthrough in the film industry in the past 7 years. In the movie "Knock Knock Who's There(有客到)", Kate played a challenging character that suffers from depression. She even challenged herself in the role by dissecting mice in the movie. Unfortunately, the movie was split into three story-lines so her on screen time was shared equally with fellow actresses such as Annie Liu(劉心悠) and Jennifer Tse(謝婷婷).

Hoping For TVB's Support
Recently, TVB has been investing a lot of time and money to promote Charmaine Sheh(佘詩曼) in the movie industry. With the fantastic ratings for the film version of "Triumph in the Sky (衝上雲霄)", TVB has already asked Charmaine to join the cast for the movie version of "Line Walker(使徒行者)". Since Charmaine is having such a smooth rise to her movie career, Kate has requested TVB for more opportunities in the movie industry as well.

Groans about her situation with friend
A Few days ago, the depressed Kate was seen sitting alone at a coffee shop. After ordering her coffee, she was talking non-stop over her phone until her female friend arrived. Even though Kate has been spoiled by her manager and assistant, she took the initiative and went over to the counter to order food for her friend.
At the coffee shop, Kate chatted continuously about her bleak future while her friend sat quietly to listen to Kate. The more Kate talked, the more depressing her face looked. After talking to her friend for 2 hours, Kate left the coffee shop in a sullen mood.

Kate Tsui(徐子珊) Groans About Her Bleak Future With Friend


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