Mar 4, 2015

Mr. & Mrs. Wong Cho Lam(王祖藍) Lost In Translation In Italy

The newly wedded couple Wong Cho Lam(王祖藍) and Leanne Li(李亞男) are currently spending their honeymoon in Italy and they have been keeping their fans updated on their journey through social media.

Travelers often lost in translation when they are traveling in a foreign countries. Wong Cho Lam was also experiencing the same thing in Italy. He revealed on Weibo that after he placed an order in a restaurant, he received something back way out of his expectation: "We are enjoying our honeymoon in Italy. I placed an order for octopus soup, but they brought back red sauce braised octopus. I told the waiter that I ordered soup instead of sauce. The waiter said that it is soup. Afterward, I ordered tomato soup but they gave us tomato sauce. The waiter then said here is your soup. In the end, I ordered noodle soup. However, they sent us something that looks like risotto. The waiter said here is your noodle. I am in awe of the cultural difference between Italy and Hong Kong!"

Mr. & Mrs. Wong Cho Lam(王祖藍) Lost In Translation In Italy


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