Mar 29, 2015

Myolie Wu(胡杏兒) On Rumor About Boyfriend Proposing to Her

Artiste Myolie Wu(胡杏兒) attended the ORBIS Walk for Sight 2015 event. She said she tries not to stare down at her phone and has always been paying attention to eye care.

Regarding a report that her boyfriend Phil has proposed to her on three separate occasions, she replied with a confused look on her face: "Oh... how come I don't know about that! Everyone cares about this than me!" She said they haven't been dating long so boyfriend hasn't proposed to her yet.  Regarding if she wants to become a bride soon, she said: "You can't rush these things. We need to spend more time together first. I still have work but I've been thinking about going on dates."

Still In Talk With TVB About Contract Renewal 
Myolie revealed she's still in talk with TVB about contract renewal, she said: "It's not easy. We still need to talk about different things from future direction to the length on the contract. It's not something to be rushed." Regarding the rumor that Elaine Yiu(姚子羚) could be getting married soon, she said: "I haven't heard anything about that. The most important thing is that she's happy."

Myolie Wu(胡杏兒) On Rumor About Boyfriend Proposing to Her

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