Mar 1, 2015

Rose Chan(陳嘉桓) Smoking Hot At Hong Kong Fur Gala

The 22 years old Rose Chan(陳嘉桓)'s image has always been very sweet and clean-cut since she started working in the showbiz at the age of 16. However, there is a Chinese idiom that says a girl changes eighteen times before they finally grow up. Rose Chan is all grown up now and she showed off her sexy playful side at the "2015 Hong Kong Fur Gala(皮草之夜2015)". Even former Miss Hong Kong Pageants such as Samantha Ko(高海寧) and Sisley Choi(蔡思貝) were no match for her at the event.

Regarding being surprisingly sexy at the event, Rose said: "Out of respect for the event, the dress needs to have a bit of Imperial court feel to it. (Imerpial court means to show more cleavage?) Yes. This is my first day working in the Year of the Ram. So I need to push them out a bit. Hopefully lady luck can give me little push as well this year. (Are you planning on becoming more sexy this year?) I attempted to push my boundaries a bit last year in the movie "I Sell Love(販賣.愛)".  Actually, besides being sexy, I want to try out different things. (Are you going to challenge your boundaries?) Well. it doesn't necessary have to be about being more sexy."

About there were rumors that film companies are looking for actresses to go topless in films, Rose reacted to the rumors in surprise: "Aiya, my master Checkley Kwok probably won't accept that. But it's better if you don't show it all. (Will you go topless?) Of course I won't. I don't like that feeling. (There are a lot of competition out there, do you think you will lose out?) No way, every film has different needs. I can do martial art films and commercial films. I can cut my hair to play male roles too. Since I am tall, I've tried playing a guy in movies before. So I can try out different images."

Rose Chan(陳嘉桓) Wows At Hong Kong Fur Gala


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