Mar 23, 2015

Rosina Lin(林夏薇) Receives Ring From Designer Boyfriend

With Raymond Lam(林峯) leaving TVB, his cousin Rosina Lin(林夏薇) took the opportunity and accepted drama after drama in hopes of making a name for herself. Currently, she's starring for both TVB drama series in "Young Charioteers(衝線)" and "Eye In The Sky(天眼)".

With Rosina Lin(林夏薇)'s popularity on the rise, it seems like her love life is surfacing as well. Recently, Rosina was seen dating a younger man that looked like Tony Hung(洪永城). While shopping, she even received a ring from her boyfriend, thus, exposing her new romance.

Last August, she revealed that she has a secret admirer. According to sources, the secret admirer has been chasing her for 6 months. Unfortunately, their budding love never developed due to Rosina's busy working schedule. While filming for new TVB drama "Momentary Lapse of Reason(逆戰塘西)", she accidentally injured her pelvis and right knee. To prevent filming delay, Rosina reluctantly forced herself to continue working. Since the injury, the handsome Tony Hung look-alike was seen picking up and dropping off Rosina. In fact, he even sent over 100 messages in one day to Rosina through WeChat. Last month, he finally succeeded in capturing Rosina's heart.

Rosina's new love is currently 24 years old who is 3 years her junior. He is currently working as a Graphic Designer and earns approximately $50,000HKD a month. But, his family business makes over billion dollars annually.

Exchanging Valentine's Day Present
Last Valentine's Day, Rosina was busily filming for "Short End Of The Stick(公公出宮)". To make up for the date, she took a day off on White Valentine's Day and went shopping with her boyfriend at Times Square Hong Kong. Originally, they were seen looking at jewelry at DE BEERS but went to Tiffany for more window shopping. Eventually, they decided to go back to DE BEERS to purchase a diamond ring that Rosina was originally eyeing. After trying the $35,000 HKD ring, her boyfriend immediately paid for it with his black credit card. Eventually, they continued shopping at Bottega Veneta boutiques and Rosina purchased a $3,000HKD card holder for her boyfriend as a gift. The same night, Rosina had to return to TVB to prepare for 2015 Po Koi Charity Show.

Rosina Lin publicly admitted that she has dated three times since she debuted. In regards to dating someone younger than her, she replied, “I want my boyfriend to have a positive personality with a sense of responsibility. But, my parents have to like him as well.”

Rosina Lin(林夏薇)'s Three Exes
-Tony Hung(洪永城)
The two started dating last year after filming TVB drama series "Outbound Love(單戀雙城)".

-Yung Ching-nam(楊政楠)
Rosina dated stage actor Yung Ching-nam back in 2011. But they ended up breaking up in 2012 due to their busy schedule.

-Benjamin Yuen(袁偉豪)
The two started dating after filming the drama series "Til Love Do Us Lie(結·分@謊情式)". They played a couple in the drama and ended up dating afterward. 

Rosina Lin(林夏薇) Receives Ring From Designer Boyfriend

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  1. I like her Hilary role in Young Charioteer. I can't say she's pretty but she sure can act.