Mar 2, 2015

Sherman Chung(鍾舒漫) Forgives Deep Ng(吳浩康) For Cheating

Singer Sherman Chung(鍾舒漫) was in attendance for a promotional event . This event marked the first time she appeared publicly since the scandal that her boyfriend Deep Ng(吳浩康) was caught red-handed for kissing a girl behind her back.

Sherman indicated that she has forgiven Deep but expressed the two need a break from each other. When asked about her mood, she said she's not sad anymore and Deep has apologized to her: "He said sorry to me numerous times and he knew his action was inappropriate. We've dealt with the matter already." When asked about what does "dealt with it" mean, Sherman frankly said they've talk about it and they both mutually agreed to have a break in the relationship for now. When asked how long will the break be, she said: "Not sure yet. We'll see. But we will still be in contact with each other."

When mentioned about how did Deep explain himself about kissing the girl, Sherman said: "He described the entire situation to me and he knew he was in the wrong. I think what he did was inappropriate too so that's why we need a break." When asked if Deep has promised not to cheat on her again, she said having separate social life is normal and she doesn't have control over his action: "He's an adult and he should understand the boundaries in social gathering."

When asked if the incident will affect the relationship, she replied: "Relationship doesn't change that easily. It's built over long period of time. People shouldn't judge the situation from one perspective, there are different stories to the matter. Like I said, we've dealt with it and I have forgiven him." When mentioned there was report that due to Sherman's religious belief to stay abstinent until marriage, Deep was forced to ask female friends on dates behind her back, Sherman said: "It doesn't make sense if that was the reason. When two people are together, it's more than just physical form of love, it includes many other things."

Sherman Chung(鍾舒漫) Forgives Deep Ng(吳浩康) For Cheating


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  1. Damn...what the f is wrong with her? There are better men out there. Why are you doing this to yourself? The dude is a known cheater. I think he cheated on Yumiko Cheng before.. that's she dumped his arse.