Apr 2, 2015

A-Lin(黃麗玲) Officially Replaces G.E.M.(鄧紫棋) At 'I Am A Singer'

Mainland China reality singing show "I am a Singer(我是歌手)" will be holding a special event this Friday. The event will invite singers from the previous seasons to have a 5 VS 5 singing competition.

Originally, G.E.M.(鄧紫棋) was invited to be one of the contestants at the event. Unfortunately, G.E.M. has caused multiple problems recently in both Taiwan and Mainland China because of her rude behaviors. Yesterday, it was even rumored that G.E.M. angered the producer of the show by insisting on singing her new songs at the event. Director of the show Hung Tao(洪濤) angrily posted on Weibo and said, “If you don't change the song, we will change the contestant.”

According to Chinese media, production staff of the show had a long discussion with G.E.M. for a possible solution. However, a consensus couldn't be reached so they've decided to kick G.E.M. out of the competition. Instead, the show has invited Aska Yeung(楊宗緯) and Huang Qishan(黃綺珊) from Season 1 as well as A-Lin(黃麗玲) from Season 3 to have a 6 VS 6 competition. In regards to the change of contestants, head director Hung Tao expressed his sadness over communication problems.

A-Lin(黃麗玲) Officially Replaces G.E.M.(鄧紫棋) At 'I Am A Singer'

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