Apr 1, 2015

Ada Choi(蔡少芬) Announces Divorce With Max Zhang(張晉)

Today is April Fools' Day. People often take advantage of the day to play silly pranks on friends, co-workers and family. However, there are things people shouldn't joke about.

Last night, ATV pranked everyone in Hong Kong that there was a so called "white knight in shinning armor" saving the bankrupted TV station. Today, Ada Choi(蔡少芬) made an announcement on Weibo that she's divorcing her husband Max Zhang(張晉).

Ada Choi wrote the following on Weibo earlier this morning: "I was still fighting for him yesterday.... I received bad news this morning. I found out my husband doesn't really love me! I want to tell you guys that we've decided to divorce! Good Bye Max Zhang! I wont see you again! I am sorry for those people that care about us....Sorry...everyone!"

A news reporter immediately called Ada Choi's manager to confirm the news... she said: "I've asked her already. Today is April Fools' Day. She's just playing a prank on everyone but I feel it's a bit too much. I already yelled at her and told her not to do something like this. I hope everyone can forgive her. She said she won't do that again."

Ada Choi also promptly replied to netizens: "A reporter just called my manager to confirm if I am really divorcing my husband! It's April Fools' day. Max Zhang, I was wrong. Please forgive me! I am sorry for my loved one! Sorry for my manager! Sorry for all the media friends! But you guys really got pranked by me. Anyways, happy April Fools' day. Hahaha..." She also tell everyone watch her and her husband's variety show "Fighting For Her(為她而戰)".

Ada Choi(蔡少芬) Announces Divorce With Max Zhang(張晉)

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