Apr 1, 2015

Angelababy(楊穎) & Huang Xiaoming(黃曉明) Rumored To Get Married In October

Angelababy(楊穎) and her boyfriend Huang Xiaoming(黃曉明) have been a model couple in the entertainment circle since they went public with their relationship. Although they have been together for five years, they have had an on and off relationship due to Huang Xiaoming's gossip rumors with several female celebrities. It is reported that Huang Xiaoming spent 30 millions to buy an apartment
for Angelababy at Residence Bel-Air to salvage the relationship.

It is said Huang Xiaoming's skills at courting Angelababy is top notch. Last year, he secretly traveled to Hong Kong to deliver himself and a 2.3 millions Lamborghini to girlfriend. In the past year, he also traveled around the world with Angelababy. Rumors are swirling that the two may get married soon.

Today, a magazine reported that Huang Xiaoming proposed to Angelababy with a 6-carat diamond ring at Angelababy's birthday. The wedding is rumored to be on October 1st, 2015 at a small island in France. It is said Huang Xiaoming plans to spend 50 millions to invite friends and family to witness their fairy-tale wedding. Then they will travel back to Qingdao and Beijing for the wedding reception/banquet.

Huang Xiaoming updated his Weibo today but didn't know mentioned anything about the wedding, he said: "The premiere to the film "My Sunshine(何以笙簫)" will be on May 1st. I asked the director to see if they have a countdown poster to let us share on Weibo. Then he sent me one with a design that looks like.... Is the director playing with me?"

Angelababy(楊穎) & Huang Xiaoming(黃曉明) Rumored To Get Married In October

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  1. Just get married already.... we all know you guys are together.