Apr 29, 2015

Auston Lam(林師傑) Caught Going To Hotel With Tammy Ou-Yang(歐陽巧瑩)

The currently 26 years old Auston Lam(林師傑) got his first start in the entertainment world by participating in the first season of "The Voice(超級巨聲)". Soon after, he was invited to be in the situational drama series "愛.回家(Come Home Love)" to play the role of the shyly "Brother Pinocchio(木偶哥)" and attracted attention from many female fans.

However, in reality, Auston Lam is known to be a playboy and often gets involved in various romance rumors with girls. A few years ago, he was dating Vangie Tang(鄧穎芝) for two years but they ended up breaking up after his girlfriend caught him doing something inappropriate with another girl in a car. Later, he was involved with another rumor with Roxanne Tong(湯洛雯). Until in recent months, there has been an ongoing rumor that he's hitting it off with former Miss Hong Kong pageant Tammy Ou-Yang(歐陽巧瑩). The two were seen going out on numerous occasions but they both denied dating each other. (

To avoid getting seen by paparazzi, Auston and Tammy both decided to go out dating at midnight. In recent days at around 1 am, the two were seen in Tsim Sha Tsui enjoying a late night meal together at a nearby coffee shop. They both were dressed causally and wore a pair of glasses in hopes of avoid getting recognized by people.

The two appeared intimate and Auston tried to crack jokes to make Tammy laugh. They both were having so much fun with each other that they stayed in the coffee shop for over two hours. They didn't leave the place until 3 am in the morning. (

After they enjoyed their meals, the two lovebirds walked to a nearby hotel. They surveyed the surroundings before walking in together. The two were in the hotel lobby for a while then took the elevator to the 20th floor and spent the night together.

Auston Lam(林師傑) Caught Going To Hotel With Tammy Ou-Yang(歐陽巧瑩)

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