Apr 24, 2015

Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華)'s Wife Mocks Mandy Lieu On FB

Macau casino tycoon Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華)'s two women, wife Heidi Chan(陳慧玲) and mistress Mandy Lieu are both said to be pregnant at the same time. But Mandy Lieu's stomach seems to come and go with each new report while Heidi's stomach is currently as huge as a watermelon.

Couple days ago, there was a report that Chau Cheok Wa and Mandy Lieu were in Japan for a short vacation. In addition, the two were also seen together french kissing at a restaurant in France earlier during March. According to people with inside knowledge, Mandy isn't interested in fighting for fame or money, she only wants be together with the man she loves. It is said that to avoid giving Chau Cheok Wa trouble at home, Mandy has plan to give the baby her own last name. In the end, he strongly opposed to the idea and insisted on naming the baby with his instead. (

Maybe Heidi has been paying attention to the news report about her husband and Mandy, she took her anger and mocked Mandy on Facebook: "I saw a pretty interesting phrase today: 'Tree without skin will die. Human without face is invincible.' Haha!" Heidi also claimed that someone is laughable and sad at the same time.

Heidi's good friends also joined in to mock mistress Mandy with her and wrote: "That mistress is that tree without skin!" Heidi then replied: "That's why antenatal training is important so the baby won't turn out...." The friend continued: "That's called thick skin and it is probably made with a thick fox skin!" (

One of the friends then posted a picture of a fox and wrote: "That fox wasted all her parents' love and energy for turning her into the human form. Now that fox goes back to her original form to steal other people's stuff and pretend to be all that. Making your parents happy is also making your child happy!"

Another friend tried to comfort Heidi and wrote: "See who can still smile in the end! Keep your chin up and welcome the birth of your baby."

Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華)'s Wife Mocks Mandy Lieu On FB

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  1. LOL...they should make a TV show or movie about this. This is hilarious. The back and forth fighting over a man. Just divorce him and get half of his fortune already.

  2. It's hilarious to think she has a right to mock the mistress. Sure it's wrong to steal someone's husband but she should be ashamed of herself as well. She obviously tolerates all this behavior. I'm not sure if it's because of Chinese traditional values with lineage of concubines in the history's past, but why do Chinese women (not all but a lot from the media, of rich Chinese men's wives) tolerate such behavior?

    Staying with this man and publicly still declaring love for her husband while he still runs off with his mistress on trips and showering her with attention and love that belongs to the wife, only makes Heidi look like a stupid fool.

    She should be putting forth some of the wrath she has on Mandy toward her husband. If anything toward herself. She acts high classed but the truth is, regardless of social status, wealth or education Heidi staying with her husband and supporting him as her husband is philandering only makes Heidi a hypocrite. Makes Heidi look like a damn fool, she makes herself look like a damn fool.

    Who is she kidding hating on the mistress when she should be hating on her husband and herself for sticking by him?

    I guess since she can't hate her husband and it would hurt too much to take a good hard look at herself, she blames it all on the mistress (who is at fault too, just funny how she focuses all the hate on Mandy and not her husband or her own actions/inactions towards the situation).

    Heidi may be the "wife," and is rich, but she is nothing more than another concubine to her husband, if he cannot remain loyal and still spends time with Mandy rather than cutting it off and only being there for child support.

  3. Heidi is a tree without skin....She knows what's happening and makes it seem like it's just Mandy instigating this. Hello lady, your husband obviously does not think too highly of you to keep doing this to you. You're losing face by even talking about this at all. The only way to resolve this is to leave him, if you won't, sorry, put up or shut up because you apparently don't deserve "face," since you insist on sticking up for his disgusting actions.

    He will have another family with another woman and insists the child has his name. If I were her, I'd leave him. And if I was stupid like her and decide to stay, I'd be smart enough to remain quiet because it only makes HER look more desperate and idiotic. If you're going to stay with him, blasting his mistress only draws attention to how blind you are for not blasting the husband after he publicly announced you are his one true love and still is seen making out with his mistress.

    People are so dumb it's fascinating.

  4. Whose the real desperate and pathetic one? It's very obvious Chau Cheok Wa's ugly damn plastic wife!!!!!!! That bitch is the tree without skin and has a lot of plastic surgery done!!!! That bitch needs to shut her damn mouth and stop trying to blame Mandy for everything that goes on! That bitch only knows how to go on Facebook and Instagram and post nasty comments. While Mandy is not saying anything about anyone! Chau Cheok Wa has sooooooo much more affectionate towards Mandy than that bitch! If Chau Cheok Wa loves that bitch then why would he go out and find someone else? That bitch needs to shut her damn mouth and don't pretend she's sooooo high class or the only "Mrs.Chau" in the world!! That bitch is soooooo hilarious and pathetic!!!!

  5. Kinda enjoy the a episode everyday!!!the climax is over-both giving birth to a baby.BUT.wats next?fighting in public perhaps?