Apr 21, 2015

Chi Lam Cheung(張智霖) Says Final Goodbye To Grandma

Actor Chi Lam Cheung(張智霖)'s grandmother Cho Wong Nam Si(曹黃南施) recently passed away. Chi Lam and wife Anita Yuen(袁詠儀) were seen wearing all black at Hong Kong Funeral Home to say final goodbye to her.

Chi Lam said his grandma was 95 years old: "Everyone goes through birth, aging, sickness and death. She passed away from pneumonia. (When did she leave?) Last week. (Did you often visit her?) Not that often in recent years because she was at a senior home. Her health has been deteriorating lately so I didn't have much of a chance to see her but we would see each other during holidays."

When asked if he's turning down work to take care of grandma's funeral, he said he just finished filming a MV in the morning and will have work at night too. While the kid has school and can't come to say goodbye. In addition, Chi Lam's uncle Charlie Cho(曹查理) also appeared at the funeral at 4 pm.

Chi Lam Cheung(張智霖) Says Final Goodbye To Grandma

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