Apr 21, 2015

Dicky Cheung(張衞健) Reveals Reason For Shaving His Head

Singer and actor Dicky Cheung(張衞健) accepted an interview from i-cable's program "Star Chatroom(星級會客室)".

Dicky reached the high point of his career with the drama series "Journey To The West(西遊記)". He recalled a Mainland China producer once called him 'Dicky Cheung without hair doesn't worth any money' so he made the decision to shave his head, he said: "I need to prove to everyone that even a man without a single strand of hair can make a lot of money and be charming!" 

He revealed that he has been through the ups and downs in the industry, he said: "During the high point of my career, I was at least getting an offer a day to appear in a movie. Everyone was all asking for me because of crowd psychology. At my low point, I didn't get any work at all."

Dicky also disclosed he lost a ton of money during the financial crisis in 1997 and almost declared bankruptcy. Lucily, with the support and help from his friends, especially Andy Lau(劉德華), he was able to pull through and continued working in the entertainment circle without giving up on himself.

Dicky Cheung(張衞健) Reveals Reason For Shaving His Head

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