Apr 21, 2015

Emme Wong(黃伊汶) Hints She Was Proposed By Shawn Yue(余文樂)

Emme Wong(黃伊汶) was in attendance at the announcement event for an internet drama series. When talked about ex-boyfriend Shawn Yue(余文樂) was on TVB's variety show "Telling Maria 3(最佳男主角)" admitting to have proposed to his long time girlfriend and everyone all thought that person was Emme. Regarding this, Emme awkwardly said: "It's all in the past. We are still good friends and I wish him happiness! (Shawn claimed he has the power to get all his exes married!) Well... he needs to work hard on that too!"

Starting Preschool Business
In addition, Michael Tse(謝天華) revealed Emme has invested into starting a preschool. Emme admitted that she's just a small shareholder and only invested 7 figures into the business. She said she sees a big market in preschool education and she is a huge believer that education is very important to kids.

Michael was joking that if his son can attend her school for free, Emme said: "No problem. We are friends." When asked when will she have kids, she said: "My husband is not in Hong Kong right now so it won't be any time soon."

Emme Wong(黃伊汶) Hints She Was Proposed By Shawn Yue(余文樂)

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