Apr 7, 2015

Former TVB Artiste Stella Wong Man Ming(王敏明) Passes Away

Former TVB artiste Stella Wong Man Ming(王敏明) passed away at the St. Teresa's Hospital due to Lymphoma. The cancer came back the third time earlier this year and her condition wasn't able to stabilized. She finally passed away last night on April 7th, 2015 at around 6:30 pm.

Her TVB artiste brother Wang Wai Tak(王維德) accepted an interview from reporter and claimed he could sense that there was something wrong with his older sister last night. He asked the hospital how come they wouldn't let people stay overnight with her. Until the early morning, the hospital called them back and gathered the entire family to see her. He said: "Actually, her eyes couldn't see anything already. My brother in-law Alan Au Wai Lun(區偉麟) and I grabbed her hands. We could feel she was suffering so we didn't say anything to her. Her breathing became weak after 10 minutes and she passed away peacefully."

Brother in-law Not Feeling Well
Wang Wai Tak also pointed out that his brother in-law Alan hasn't been feeling well since the passing of her sister. He said his hands was shaking and feeling dizzy. He was being cared for by the hospital staff. Wang Wai Tak revealed her older sister will have a Christian funeral and memorial service.

Groaned on Weibo That She Was Under A Lot Of Pain
Stella Wong and her husband were performing for their show on March 1st until March 13th. She later groaned about her condition on social media: "I had the worst experience in my life last night. I've been in the hospital for 4 days. My fever is up to 39.3 C. I need to call the doctor for some antipyretic med and change antibiotics.  My legs... especially my legs... they are so painful I think the entire hospital knows too."

Former TVB Artiste Stella Wong Man Ming(王敏明) Passes Away

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